Steps for getting a cheap .com domain name for your online business

Getting a cheap .com domain name requires strategic advice to select a cheap .com domain. Thus, a tremendous or attractive domain name for your company or brand makes a significant change in your possible success. 

Navicosoft delivers its clients the best packages for buying cheap com domains at reasonable prices. Therefore, in this blog, I will give you some tactical advice on how to make a selection for getting a cheap domain name for your brand.

Let’s start:

Steps for getting a cheap .com domain name:

For getting a cheap domain name, your first step should be to check the domain name’s availability on the registrar. Fortunately, if you get the desired name from the registrar, the cheap com domain name only costs you some dollars per year. However, Other top-level domain names like for. pizza, .tv, and. NYC is much costlier than the .com domain name.

It would help if you stayed away from such expensive domain name extensions and must prefer the .com domain name. However, a “.com” name indicates that you are authentic and constant to the open market. Thus, it sidesteps future misperceptions for your end-users or clients.

There are many registered domains currently; probably, your required domain is not available to your registrar. Hence, to get a cheap domain name, you have to buy the domain from the owner of that domain. Although to find out the domain owner, you have to search the Whois database. The Whois database is the list of the names and contact information of the registered person. However, it is not a reliable method to find out the owner in some cases as some people keep their information confidential.

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Explore domain name market websites:

While you are looking for a famous domain name and want some new ideas, you must explore domain name market websites. These websites are generally meant for purchasing and selling domain names where the eBay-type model is used. Usually, these websites auction off names, and sometimes they bid names for a fixed price.

Samples of popular names for your startup

There are thousands of popular domain names that are seamless for the proper startup. However, most domains work for a wide variety of businesses. So, here are some catchy domain names: 

  • (suitable for a gaming or mobile gaming business)
  • (better for software or artificial intelligence company)
  • (best for a mobile app or web-based service to help individuals recover from injuries
  • (inordinate for a personal injury/attorney website)
  • (great for a software company or Internet business)
  • (small, catchy, and memorable for multiple types of businesses)
  • (suitable for a cannabis-oriented business)
  • (better for a software company or assists administrator)
  • (induces positive image and is appropriate for many businesses)
  • (best for a mobile gaming app)
  • (a catchy name for many different types of businesses)

Tips for Getting cheap .com domain name

Here are some technical tips for getting a cheap domain name for your business.

  • Evade those domain names which are easy to misspell.
  • Classically, it is better to memorize a shorter domain than a two-word domain name
  • Select a name that your employees feel proud to be related to.
  • Choose a name that will be easy to speak.
  • Avoid names that are difficult if interpreted in another language.
  • Don’t select a name that will be too preventive as you grow your business. 
  • Select a renowned name.
  • Think through names that directly let the viewer know what the site or business is about.
  • Try to evade hyphenated names. But if you have taken the name, then get both the hyphenated and non-hyphenated domain names and transmit one website to the other.
  • Consider how the domain name will work for keyword searches on Google. Great names can affect open organic traffic.

Pay outstanding attentiveness to the name:

Before getting a cheap domain name, you must approach the owner of a domain name. However, you need to pay outstanding attentiveness first to see if it is suitable to buy the name or not. Moreover, here are some of the significant attentiveness steps you should start:

  • You should Do a Google search on the name to see what orientations and links are there?
  • Find out Google’s consequence tool to ensure that the domain name doesn’t have a fine against it.
  • You must conduct a trademark search.
  • You have to check the Way back machine to find out what incorrect or unwanted content was published on the website in the past.
  • You should see whether you can obtain your required name on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.
  • You must search for the Secretary of State’s accounts to ensure that your name won’t be similar to a business name that’s previously registered.

Final words:

Before getting a cheap domain name from a registered company, you must search for the authorization of the registrar company. However, Navicosoft provides a registration process with complete ease of transfer and migration of cheap .com domain names.

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