A Complete Guide to Start an Online Wholesale Shoe Business

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Shoes are a high-earning industry. Although the designs of shoes change on a daily basis. But it is one of those industries that never face low demand and never comes to end. 

As it is a profitable business, its profitability can be multiplied if it has an online platform to deal with its customers. 

Still, many people think the online shoe business is a tight corner. But it is only a misunderstanding. 

In fact, online business is more convenient than offline. It saves time, energy, and money. Today’s article is for those who want to establish an online wholesale shoe business or want to shift their already established wholesale shoe business to an online business. 

We have explained the whole process in the following easy steps. Let’s talk about them one by one. 

  • Research About the Distribution Channel of Shoe Business

If you are new in the market, there is a need to conduct detailed research to build a strong base of the business.

Search out the complete distribution channel of the shoe business for example:

shoes manufacturing companies

  • Wholesalers or distributors 
  • Retailers
  • End Consumers

These are heads in the distribution cycle of the shoe business. There is a need to conduct research on each head. This will be helpful in the next step of the business.

  • Choose Your Market Niche 

The shoe industry has many segments on the basis of type, material, gender, distribution channel, region, etc.     

There is demand for every segment but women’s shoes are the dominant segment in the shoe industry.

These are of many types like shoes, sandals, heels, etc. Leather and synthetic fabric are used for this purpose. Some other shoe segments have high sales like athletic shoes, men’s shoes, kids’ shoes, etc.     

  • Business Plan

After that now is the time to utilize all the gathered data. Now brainstorm new ideas. Decide an attractive name and logo for the wholesale shoe business. And add the perquisites of a business budget, suppliers, profit margin, future plans, and all similar things.     

  • Selection of Location

The main focus of the business is online platforms but still, there is a need for a location for storing the wholesale quantity of the shoes.

The location should be convenient so that the stock can be transported easily. If you are starting with a smaller volume, even your own house or a room can be used as a warehouse. 

  • Find Quality Shoes Suppliers or Shoes Material 

Well, this step can be a little bit difficult for the newbie as they are not well aware of dealing procedures. 

But they can use the previous research for it. Furthermore, we have provided some tips to find the best wholesale shoe suppliers

  • Use online directories, libraries to gather the list of wholesale shoe suppliers
  • Check and compare various options to know the latest trend
  • Compare the prices, shipping, returning pieces of the suppliers.
  • Always order a small quantity for the first time. 
  • Check their reviews before making an order.
  • Decide an Online Platform to Sell Shoes

That is the step that everyone feels is difficult. There is a need to just understand it. There is a need for an online platform for the wholesale shoe business. Right?  

Simply develop a website for your business. It is the direct method and you can control all the online activities according to your desires. 

But if you do not have enough budget to develop a website, there is another excellent alternative. That is online wholesale marketplaces like:

In fact, it is not an alternative, as the main function of online marketplaces is to provide a platform to wholesalers and retailers for buying and selling. 

Even some online marketplaces provide free registration. So, find these platforms and showcase the catalog of wholesale shoes there. 

  • Coordination Among all Processes 

The second major factor in the online wholesale shoe business is the synchronizing of the whole process. 

Tracking of the inventory is necessary so that the right quantity of the shoes can be provided to retailers on time. That can only be possible if all the tasks are performed on time.

For this, there is a need to use an automated system. That can control the entire functioning with error or delay. 


Hopefully, after reading the whole procedure you will find that an online wholesale business is not more difficult than the traditional one     . 

In fact, an online wholesale shoe business is more convenient to run. The wholesaler has stronger control over the wholesale functioning.

What is your opinion after reading this guide? Which one is a convenient form of business online or offline wholesale shoe business? Share your point of view in this regard in the comment section.

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