Split-Screen Monitor – Great For Multitasking

Split-Screen Monitor - Great For Multitasking

A split-screen monitor is a computer screen with two independent displays. One display is where the operating system is located and the other one is used to open up additional software applications. The advantage of a split-screen monitor is that it is able to open up multiple applications at once without compromising each application’s performance. It enables a user to have an active session on one program while still using another application. It is similar to opening up a different file or viewing another document at the same time. This is very useful because many programs such as email and chat apps require users to have an open window in order to complete a task. A split-screen monitor allows you to accomplish a number of tasks in a short period of time.

Reasons for using split screen 

For those who want to have their computer working at optimal speed, the most effective way is to use a split-screen monitor. What is the reason for this type of screen? First of all, this screen allows you to work at two places at once, thereby making your work a lot more efficient. For example, you can view information on the Internet and write a paper or draft a proposal simultaneously. Another advantage of this screen is that it can also be used for browsing websites. Another reason for using a split-screen monitor is the fact that you are not forced to use one or the other of the screens. So, in other words, this screen is able to multitask, thereby improving the overall performance of the computer.

Best Monitor For Split screen

BenQ monitors are built to last, and the SW321C features a sturdy metal stand and a sleek design. The swivel screen allows for a wider range of viewing options, while its dual-purpose keyboard and mouse tray make setup a breeze. It comes with an HDMI cable, a power adapter, and a user guide, and I found the instructions for both Windows and Mac fairly straightforward. Since this monitor offers a much higher resolution than your standard monitor, you’ll definitely want to use a graphics card that supports it. This monitor uses a VESA mount, which should work with nearly every LCD monitor and projector.

The best feature of these monitors is the wide gamut of colors they support. By displaying 99% Adobe RGB, BenQ SW321C monitors are the perfect addition to any digital imaging system. The screens are calibrated to offer accurate color, and the hardware calibrator is also very easy to use. The screens can be adjusted for uniformity, and there are five levels of saturation adjustments. Finally, the paper color sync option will automatically match the paper colors on your documents, making them look more true to life.

best suited for: Professionals and hobbyists who need a large screen for digital media editing.

Bottom Line

 If you’re looking for a display to put on your desk for a large amount of content, the BenQ SW321C is a fantastic option. Not only does it offer excellent colors, but it also comes with all the accessories you could possibly need. The wide gamut of colors will make images and videos look more natural, and the adjustable uniformity makes setting up the monitor for different lighting situations easier. If you’re interested in purchasing a 32-inch, 10-bit 4K HDR display for your desktop or office, this is an excellent choice. Must get knowledge about how to split the screen

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