Some of the Best Movie Editing Software in 2024


If you are looking for a program that will help you create professional-looking movies, you’ve come to the right place. This article covers the best movie editing software for Windows 10, as well as the top choices for professional filmmakers. We also look at DaVinci Resolve, iMovie, and Avid Media Composer. All of these programs have their benefits, and we’ve listed our favorites below.

Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor is an easy-to-use movie editing program that streamlines the complicated process of video editing. It includes over 1,000 modern special effects and a host of useful tools to enhance your video creations. You can even import and edit 4K or HD footage with Filmora. You can also edit multiple layers of multimedia content. If you have experience with video editing, you’ll love Filmora.

Another free, open-source video editing tool is Kdenlive. This free video editing tool works on BSD, Windows, and macOS platforms. Its features include incorporating almost any audio file format, separating video tracks, keyframe effects, transitions, and chroma-keying. Unlike other free programs, it has built-in tools that make movie making easier for novices.


If you’re unsure about the best movie editing software for your needs, start with iMovie. It’s a powerful program that works great on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Despite its simplicity, it can produce a professional-looking movie without a degree in video editing. You can trim clips using your finger, apply seamless transitions, and fade audio, and import Apple ProRAW images. The program also supports fourK video, but its basic features are enough for the average person.

iMovie has a range of effects, including chroma-key and green-screen. You can place characters in exotic locations without losing detail. You can also create stunning movie trailers using iMovie’s trailer templates. It even works with GoPro and HD camcorder footage! Despite its many benefits, it does suffer from occasional stability problems when Apple releases new macOS versions.

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DaVinci Resolve

The new version of DaVinci Resolve movie editing software comes with a high-performance playback engine that makes it up to 10 times faster. With features like advanced curve editing, Fairlight audio, and color correction, it is perfect for creative editing. This software also includes dozens of additional filters and effects to create a professional film. It also makes it easier for the colorists to grade shots and the sound editors to mix the sound.

The ShareBrowser workflow integration plugin works seamlessly with DaVinci Resolve and helps creative teams manage their media libraries. It allows users to add tags, preview media, and share files with bins. The ShareBrowser plugin also enables editing teams to share metadata from other creative applications. In addition, it includes a network recycle bin that prevents digital assets from being overwritten. Those benefits make DaVinci Resolve the best movie editing software for professionals.

Avid Media Composer

Avid’s solid media management features are hard to beat for a variety of reasons. With internal media databases and the ability to move drives between machines, you can find the appropriate media instantly when you launch Media Composer. In addition, Avid’s project interchange is among the best in the industry. For large productions with several users, such as in a documentary filmmaking team, this feature is indispensable.

Avid was founded by William J. Warner in 1987. In that year, he developed a system to transfer video footage from analog tapes to digital hard drives. This software became one of the first computer-based non-linear editing systems. In addition to being the most widely used movie editing software today, it is still used for some of the world’s most popular feature films. It has also been used in newsrooms across the country.

Cyberlink PowerDirector

The latest version of Cyberlink’s popular movie editing software, PowerDirector, aims to streamline video editing by providing a streamlined’storyboard’ interface and new effects. This version also removes the need for multiple tracks and transitions in your video. However, this version of PowerDirector still comes with some limitations, such as a limited number of video tracks, which is unlikely to please ordinary users.

Cyberlink PowerDirector offers a host of built-in editing tools, which include trim, crop, add watermark, apply special rendering effects, and insert external subtitles. It even supports codecs that other movie editing software may not be able to import. To learn more, continue reading below. But first, let’s review how Cyberlink PowerDirector works. Once you’ve installed the software, you’ll need to import media files.

Adobe Premiere Pro

If you’re in the market for movie editing software, Adobe Premiere Pro is a good choice. It is available for both Mac and PC and boasts powerful features. It is so powerful, in fact, that CNN and feature films use it to edit their videos. However, the software has several drawbacks, including an expensive pricing plan and a slow customer service. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the pros and cons of using Premiere Pro.

The most notable feature of Adobe Premiere Pro is its advanced text editing functionality. Users can easily add text to their videos by selecting the text tool, then dragging it into the timeline. Text editing functionality is extensive, allowing users to change font size, color, borders, and more. You can also split video clips for insertion of text. Other features include the ability to customize video with filters and graphic overlays.

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