Selecting a T-Shirt Printing Machine

Many people start a new business every single day. But being successful is a hard task. Your desire to start a t-shirt printing business can come true only with the best printing machine. Everyone has their own demands and requirements when it comes to the t-shirt printing arena.


High-quality printing with minimal cost will always help you to stay at the top of your competitors. The only route of success here is to buy a premium t-shirt printing machine for your need. Besides, you can also call the printing service provider for assistance.


For example, many printing shop near me offers instant t-shirt printing facility in a certain zone. But either way, your business will be more profitable when you have the best cost-cutting facility for printing works. I know that buying the best printer machine for a t-shirt is not a game of a beginner.

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We have prepared a small guideline which you can follow even for your first printing machine deal. The article will try to describe their function and what they are good at. Your purchase technique will improve, and that will take your business into the success route.     


Things to consider before buying a printing machine


There are a few different things that you need to take into consideration before buying a printing machine. Take your time and go through all the points carefully. Next time, you will not hesitate again with your decision to purchase the best t-shirt printing machine for your business.  


Type of printers 


In most cases, you are going to see three different types of t-shirt printing machines, heat press, digital printing, and screen printing. Each of the machines follows its own process of work. Heat press basically transfers a design from paper to t-shirt using heat.


The digital function is also known as the direct to garment t-shirt printing. They are very quick and premium at function, but the cost is way high in comparison to the heat transfer option.


On the other hand, screen printing uses the manual design plate for every single print. It is cost-effective but harder in labor.


Fabrics and Color of the cloth

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If you went for the heat press, you would not be able to hold the same quality with all kinds of fabrics. You can easily work with cotton base products or a mix of 50/50 polyester. But there is also another backdrop on the type of printer.


You will need to spend on expensive printing paper for a black color t-shirt. For more versatility, digital printers and screen printers can be the best option for you. Digital inkjet printers are compatible with all types of fabrics and color patterns.     


Cost of the printing


The cost of t-shirt printing varies depending on a few factors. The printers and ink quality that you are using on the print. Besides, the order margin also plays a significant role in the printing function. Many printing service providers offer cheap printing facilities.


If you are new to the business, then you can always call them for the deal. Having a screen printer will demand high bulk orders; otherwise, every single design plate creation will not be sufficient for the cost margin.


The heat press is cost-effective only for the small businesses which work on an online platform. Digital printers provide you with additional features, and that will be beneficial not only on cost limit but also in many other things. It would help if you chose based on your t-shirt printing demand.


Time Consumption


The heat press printing machine needs a paper printer to print the design for the press. After that, you might need to use a special cutter machine for design cutting. Now, you can just press it on your t-shirt and get what you need.


The same process will continue for every single t-shirt. As you can guess, a heat press is not going to be a wise decision for time-saving. It would be best if you went for a more costly digital printer option. They will help you to print bulk orders in no time.


Screen printing also needs a single plate for every new design. But bulk orders in the same design make it effective even on time consumption. You should now take your time and make the right decision on your t-shirt printing machine choice.   


Print Quality 


The digital printer offers the best quality t-shirt print. They can work with in-detail color print and give you real print quality. Disguising the original design with the print will be a tough ask. The heat press is not the best when it comes to print quality.


Customers often complain that after washing the heat-press, printed t-shirt design loses its quality. Screen printing is also known to be of great value. I will still suggest you rely on a digital printing facility when your preference is HD quality print.  


Additional features 


The best features that you will get at a printer come on the digital one. You will not get the same quality in any other printers. The technology is evolving with time, and that will market out other options. Being realistic, screening and heat press are old technologies.


But they are good enough to compete with the digital options too. Still today, the large share of the market relies on screening and head press t-shirt printing. But time is changing quickly for the digital option, and for an additional feature, you should always point towards them. The low-maintenance promise of digital t-shirt printers is also unparalleled on the market.


Final Verdict 


T-shirt printing machine value varies depending on your demand. You need to note the requirement together in one place. Ask yourself what you really need from your printer and make a decision based on that. Every printer has its own quality list and also the cons alongside.


You should work on this point and point out what you really need for your business printing function. Overall, we tried to give you a clear picture of what you should know before buying a t-shirt printing machine. We hope you enjoyed our article and we invite you to check out other ones. 

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