How to Choose the Right Bra for You?

right bra

It can be complicated and stressful to find the right bra. There’s a lot to do, including measuring yourself and understanding what bra you need. This could lead to you choosing the wrong style, size, or fit.

  • Straps with a slip-down arm
  • A band that’s too tight, uncomfortable, and restrictive
  • Cups that don’t fit the bill can cause spillage and even a double boob.
  • A band that is too loose, which means they get little support
  • Straps, which cut into your shoulders

An unfit bra can be an inconvenience (if your straps keep falling down your arms), or worse; it can be downright embarrassing (if your bra is too tight). Knowing the right bra for you and your build will help you avoid discomfort and even the cost of buying a bra that you won’t wear again.

Here Are Our Top Tips for Finding the Perfect Bra to Fit Your Frame

Get Measured 

We can’t stress it enough. Most department stores and lingerie stores provide a fitting service. They will measure you and then guide you to the right bra for your size and shape. You can also measure yourself at home if shopping online. Don’t you need tape? A piece of string is enough. Then, measure the length and check it against a ruler. It is important to remove your clothes before taking measurements. Measure from the bottom of your bust to determine the band size. Measure the cup size from the highest part of your bust. In inches, measure. Round the result until it is equal to or less than the even number. Your cup size is determined based on the difference between these two measurements. 

Fit Check

It is important to ensure the bra fits correctly. The straps need to be close to your skin without digging in. Place a fitted blouse on top.

Select the right size

Debra’s Bras can be personalized to different sizes. You should consider full-cup, plunge, and balconette bras for those with larger breasts. These bras offer more support thanks to thicker straps. The smoothing and shaping bras will have more panels to smoothen around your cups and above your back strap. If you have a bigger bust, an underwire will be beneficial. These bras offer natural shaping and comfort for those with a smaller frame. Bralettes look great on smaller frames and can complement an outfit well, especially when worn under low backs or off-the-shoulder tops.

Look At Your Body

These are our top tips on how to shape your body. If your shoulders are narrow or round, bra straps can fall down and cause discomfort. A racer or cross-back bra is best for you. A balconette bra style is for you if your shoulders are broad and your chest is large. A plunge bra will suit someone with a smaller figure.


Straps falling down around your shoulders is a major problem. Tighten your straps and measure your cup. If the bridge, the middle piece connecting cups, isn’t flattening to your skin, you might need a larger or smaller cup. Also, if you are experiencing gaping cups, it could be due to a sizing problem. It is worth tightening your straps. If that fails, try tightening the straps. In the opposite situation, boob splashing can mean you need to increase a cup size. Another problem is a band that rides up. Another problem is the band riding up. If your band is protruding from the back, it’s time for you to shrink it. Or, perhaps it’s a sign that it’s time to replace your bra.

You can find the perfect fit by understanding your shape and size. These are the tricks of the trade to help you find the perfect bra. You’ll also be able to spot the ones that don’t give you enough support. Contact us today for more advice. We have a great selection of bras and shaping for fuller busted figures and will have the perfect fit for you.

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