Problem Associated With HealthCare Sector

Problem Associated With HealthCare Sector

The healthcare industry is a crucial component of any economy. It is one of those economic sectors that protect the impacted people and generates high revenue for the economy. Certain variables contribute to health risks. It has been observed that the health and safety procedures used in hospitals are improper and pose serious life threats to both patients and staff members.

Medical errors can occur in healthcare settings, but those which occur in hospitals have very serious consequences. To ensure the safety of its employees and patients, these institutions’ administrations must be watchful, and the government must monitor the balance between security and safety measures used in the healthcare industry. There are several issues in the healthcare industry, some of which are discussed below:

Poor Infrastructure

Hospital-associated infections and the rise of drug-resistant bacteria are being caused by a lack of adequate prevention and control strategies and infrastructure in many medical institutions, putting millions of people at risk.

It has been recognized that few hospitals need metal roof replacements because they pose an actual safety risk as they are slippery when wet. They not only raise the cost of running hospitals but also produce a lot of noise that disturbs patients and makes them unwell.

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Vulnerable Diseases

People and healthcare professionals working in hospitals are seriously at risk of catching diseases. Diseases like influenza, chickenpox, and the common cold can easily be transmitted from one person to another if safety precautions are not adopted.

Prostate cancer heart attacks, kidney issues, and respiratory issues are just a few of the additional illnesses that have increased in prevalence. Men over 50 are more prone than younger men to develop prostate cancer, which necessitates prompt treatment.

Lack of Medical Instruments and Personal Protective Equipment

Healthcare practitioners safeguard themselves and their patients from infection and the transmission of disease by wearing personal protective equipment. In many hospitals, there is a lack of medical supplies. During the Covid 19 pandemic, health care workers and doctors faced severe problems due to the limited availability of supplies such as gloves, medical masks, respirators, goggles, face shields, and gowns.

However, supply chain problems have resulted in a persistent shortage of essential medical supplies like needles, blood collection tubes, and catheters because of global affairs like the shutdown in China. Furthermore, the lack of sophisticated medical and surgical equipment in hospitals in rural areas usually leads to patient and child fatalities.

Cyber Security Threat

The downsides of the digital era include cyberattacks and data breaches that need to be combated by swift and efficient security measures. When private information, such as patient health records, falls into the wrong hands and is used by hackers for different purposes, this is a privacy infringement. Cybercriminals may steal personal data, financial information, and even insurance information from the patient.

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In these deliberate assaults, hospitals’ reputation also gets affected and usually face severe sanctions. Therefore, healthcare organizations must invest in effective cybersecurity, which includes installing multi-factor authentication and sophisticated firewalls.

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