Pink Buffalo Mushroom – One of the Most Potent Cubensis

Pink Buffalo Mushroom

Pink Buffalo mushrooms are among the most potent strains of Psilocybe cubensis. It has magical effects that frequent users swear on its results.

Like most Psilocybe mushrooms, Pink Buffalo is not only distinctive in its appearance, but it comes with a unique story. When it came to the west, Pink Buffalo became one of the cultivator favourites as they showed an excellent growth rate and increased abundant fruits. 

Sometimes the mushroom is known as the Thai Pink Buffalo mushroom strain as it was named by the ethnomycologist John Allen.


John Allen discovered the Pink Buffalo strain on the lush island of Koh Samui, Thailand. He found the mushroom in a field inhabited by pink buffalos. Locally, it is believed that seeing a Pink Buffalo is a sign of good luck.

Thankfully he brought the strain to the west, and now we can enjoy the taste of the Pink Buffalo mushroom. Sometimes it is given the name Hairy Buffalo mushroom.

Although you can now find the mushroom anywhere online or purchase spores, Pink Buffalo is also said to reside in Thai rice paddies. Here, you can see water buffaloes in the fields.

What is Pink Buffalo Mushrooms?

The Pink Buffalo mushroom strain has a 25 to 75 mm diameter cap. It has varying colours, from red to cinnamon brown to pale cream. The center has a pronounced nipple. In addition, the Pink Buffalo mushroom gets viscid with a gelatinous texture compared to other mushrooms.

Meanwhile, its stem has a 125 to 175 mm length and is yellowish. As a result, it tends to bruise or have blue colour when damaged.

Pink Buffalo magic mushrooms thrive in a subtropical and humid climate. When they live in their natural habitat, they produce medium to large fruits. The gills will turn from gray to black.

Under the microscope, they appear with spores described to look elegant. It shows deep to dark purple spores with 5 to 7 microns. Mycologists call the spores “exceptional.”


As for its potency, Pink Buffalo is up there with Penis Envy, being one of the most potent cubensis mushrooms. Therefore, it is essential to remember that beginners should not dare try higher doses.

Experiences of using magic mushrooms or any substance often differ from each person. For example, one person may have intense visual hallucinations, while the other can experience a light body high with the same dose.

As for Pink Buffalo magic mushrooms, users describe the feeling to be a robust head-high experience. The come-up doesn’t occur immediately, which surprises first-time users. It will take 30 minutes to one hour before you can get hit by its effects. 

The first thing that most Pink Buffalo users experience are visual triggers, but they eventually shift into a more pleasant feeling. Of course, this experience can only happen when you use a recreational dose that is mild or medium. If you take higher doses, the feeling is different and most likely described as spiritual and life-changing.

Users will also have an afterglow and a good mood for almost a week. Some even describe the feeling that they seem to want to change their life for good after using magic mushrooms.

However, it is also essential to discuss that not all experiences of using magic mushrooms are good. Some individuals can also have a bad trip. 

They can experience panic, headache, anxiety, psychosis, etc. These experiences can be due to mindset, setting, dose, and expertise. 

Other contributing factors are mixing magic mushrooms with other substances or alcohol.


Dosage is an important topic to discuss when using substances that can alter a person’s perception. It has a massive impact on how a person can experience their trip and the benefits they can have.

A typical recreational dose can be around 1 to 2.5 grams for a mild effect, but you can increase the amount to 3.5 grams if you feel like having an intensified hallucination.

Advanced users like to go beyond the 3.5 grams because they find the mild to medium dose too low to produce their desired effects.

For regular users, finding the proper dosage is not any concern as they are used to what their bodies can handle. However, first-time users need to start with a low dose. Then, they can try microdosing to make their body familiarized with the substance. After which, they can slowly increase the amount.

Tips When Tripping with Pink Buffalo

  • Find your dosage by starting low and increasing it until you get the effect you want.
  • Ask someone you know to be your trip sitter. They will help you in case of a bad trip, so they must stay sober.
  • Do not mix your mushrooms with alcohol and other substances. It can make the trip shorter, and sometimes the outcome is not good.
  • Drink plenty of water during your trip.
  • When having a bad trip, talk to your trip sitter.
  • If you feel nauseous, you can drink some herbal tea.
  • Choose a comfortable place that is safe and familiar.
  • Before you start, you must clear your mind or set intentions for what you want to expect during your trip.

After your trip with the Pink Buffalo mushroom, you’ll have a wonderful feeling and afterglow effect that will last for a few days.

Other Potent Strains to Try

If you want to try other strains aside from Pink Buffalo, you can give the following magic mushrooms a try:

  • Penis Envy mushroom: most-known and loved strain of cubensis.
  • Great White Monster mushroom: scares but highly potent.
  • Blue Meanie cubensis: easily bruises and has an effect that lasts for 5 hours.
  • Burmese magic mushroom: powerful and best for experts.
  • Cambodian mushroom: describe to give a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Pink Buffalo mushrooms are one of the most potent mushrooms you can try if you want some life-changing experience. Regular users can enjoy having intense visual and auditory effects when they want to go tripping for spiritual awakening. Meanwhile, beginners can take a low dose to experience mild euphoric effects.

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