Philip Anandraj Hotelier – 5 Ways to Make your Hotel Popular among more and more people

Philip Anandraj Hotelier 5 Ways to Make your Hotel Popular among more and more people

There is fierce competition in the hotel market and there isn’t an iota of doubt about the same. While other hotels sell their services, internet travel agencies (OTAs) promote low rates, and sharing-economy competitors such as Airbnb advertise unique lodgings. Getting a prospective guest to notice your hotel or resort is difficult enough without having to worry about them making a reservation. Both, though, can appear to be a significant challenge. Marketers are often tempted to follow the OTA’s lead and compete on price and promote discount deals. While this may result in a short-term increase in bookings, it does little to develop long-term devoted customers. Instead, marketers should think about these five effective marketing strategies. Understand more with the help of Philip Anandraj hotelier

1. Accept and Embrace Emotion

Good deals and discounts are one thing, but fabulous marketing is something else altogether. It reaches the soul directly. Virtual reality is a powerful tool for this. In a recent survey of viewers who watched a virtual tour of a Carnival cruise ship, 66 percent indicated the experience piqued their interest. Almost as many people said it made them feel “joyful,” and 58 percent said it was “wonderful.” These are real feelings elicited by a VR experience, not those elicited by a standard web advertisement.

2. Recount a story

Similarly, good advertising for your home would highlight its distinct story. Good images and videos of your property are sure to lure in customers like never before. It is something that keeps your customers coming back to you, always and forever. What distinguishes it from others? What makes it stand out among so many other hotels and resorts?  It could be the welcoming employees, unique experiences only your property offers, or the high degree of hospitality tourists can expect. Put it all in one place so that the more closely you can make the viewer feel as though they’ve visited your place, the more likely they are to desire to visit in person.

3. Encourage others to share

Social media influence is the best kind of influence for your hotels. Ask your customers for quality feedbacks and ask them to make use of hashtags that would enable you to become a part of the algorithm that favors your cause. Further, add informative posts with sharable links. Utilize Facebook’s change to a “video-first” strategy, as well as its 360-video tools, to create video content that is more likely to be shared.

4. Provide Value

Marketing can not always look like one. It is good how you are trying to go about it to lure in your customers but that is not the way, truly. Provide them with incentives they can’t refuse, no matter what. Add value to their quality stays and this will further make a difference like never before. You want them to remember you for your quality stay, scrumptious dining experience, and much more. Again, provide value!

5. Make it an immersive experience

Nothing will ever be able to replace the actual thing. However, the more you can do to create a visceral experience of what it’s like to stay at your hotel, the greater the impression on the potential guest. Consider video in addition to photographs; instead of normal video, try 360-degree video; and, beyond 360-degree video, make the experience even more immersive by incorporating fully interactive virtual reality experiences. Whatever efforts you make, the more you can make the viewer feel as if they’ve visited your place, the more likely they are to desire to visit in person.

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