New Escape From Tarkov Event – Why Raiders Have Taken Over the Factory

Escape From Tarkov has induced harmful Raider NPCs to take over the Factory map as part of the newest event for the hardcore shooter. If you’ve been wondering why the map’s usual Scav Boss has fled to Interchange, it’s because of what’s Battlestate Games has been cooking up. They first introduced the event on March 18 through Twitter and revealed a picture of the Raiders discussing the takeover of the Factory. Since the event is live, players report that the map has been overrun with Raiders, making their presence much harder for the gamers to roam around the Factory and loot Tarkov items.

What Are Raiders?

Raiders in Escape From Tarkov are hostile NPC enemies far more dangerous and deadly than the usual Scav characters that you’d see running around the map. To put it simply, Raiders, from the eyes of the Tarkov players, are a slightly more advanced faction or unit in the game. They possess more advanced TarkovItems/equipment, decked-out weapons, ammunition, and special attachments. Thus, eliminating them would be quite the bounty for players.

Tagilla is Nowhere to Be Seen In the Factory

The mere addition of the Raiders in the Factory makes it difficult for players to roam there. Still, at the very least, the sledgehammer-wielding Boss Scav that can usually be seen around the map, Tagilla, is nowhere to be found. Tagilla has moved to the Interchange for this ongoing event to roam the map with Killa, his brother. This means that this event in Escape From Tarkov makes the Factory harder to traverse in. Still, it makes surviving in Interchange a more challenging venture due to Tagilla and Killa sticking together. It was reported that Killa’s spawn rate has been slightly increased, making it now so that there’s a 35% chance of him spawning alongside Tagilla in Interchange.

Now, you might be wondering why Tagilla moved to Interchange from the Factory; it has something to do with the official note from the dialogue between Vepr and Signal (according to Escape From Tarkov’s official Twitter page). The Raiders planned a surprise entry and hit on “someone” in the Factory. If we’re to compare it to what’s currently happening in the event, they were most likely hunting down Tagilla, the Factory’s Boss Scav. Tagilla must have gotten hold of this information and immediately dashed out of the area to seek help from his brother. As the conversation goes on, it’s confirmed that they sent reinforcements to secure the plant – for how long this will go for.

Final Thoughts As of now, the Raiders have a 40% spawn rate in the Factory. If you’re not well-equipped or don’t have enough Escape from Tarkov Items, it’s best to avoid both the Interchange and Factory for safety’s sake. It’ll be interesting to see if, in the next few weeks, the Raiders will look at other points of the map for Tagilla. There’s no indication when this event will conclude, so now’s your chance if you’re keen on going head-to-head with Tagilla and Killa.

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