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“How do you create boxes that truly stand out in the market?”

The answer to that is quite simple. 

In a phrase: you have to stay true to yourself, your brand, and your products. 

This blog will explore that answer in detail and give you tips and tricks to create wholesale gift boxes that pull customers from afar. 

Custom Gift Boxes: The Basics

Let’s start with the absolute basics, shall we? Boxes are great to have around. You can put all sorts of things in them like pens, jewellery, biscuits…

You get the idea.

But have you ever thought about customizing your boxes? It’s as simple as putting stickers on them and giving a unique feel to a basic item.

When you design your wholesale gift boxes, bear in mind that they have a few functions:

Keeping things safe and in place.

Give your products a unique look and feel under the eyes of customers. 

And, as a last resort, as something you can put your logo on.

That is what distinguishes good custom gift boxes from bad custom gift boxes. 

Custom Gift Boxes: Design Tips For Beginners

Custom gift boxes are great when you have an idea in your head – or your hands. 

There are certain custom gift boxes ideas that every printer and designer has been asked to make, but there are also new ideas you can come up with on your own.

Whether you want ‘gift boxes wholesale UK’ or luxury gift boxes wholesale, these are some of the basics you should always remember:

  • Your custom-made boxes should be able to get your products from A to B. (Think safety, protection and convenience).
  • Your custom-made boxes should make your products look appealing. (Think funky or understated).
  • Your custom-made boxes should fit your brand and yourself. (Think unique to your lines, colours and finishes).

Now how do you go about doing that? Let’s go one by one.

Your Custom-Made Boxes Should Be Able To Get Your Products From A To B

Let’s say you make candles and want to put a few in a box for a friend or client. You want the candles to be safe and sound when they get from you to your client’s place.

The custom-made boxes you get should be able to do that, so don’t go for lightweight packaging materials if your products are delicate and might melt or break.

Good choices include corrugated cardboard boxes, chipboard boxes and even metallic gift boxes if your products are heavy-duty.

When you ask for your custom-made boxes to be created, tell the designer and printer what kind of protection you need.

Or you might have a friend who makes jewellery. You want to get them some custom gift boxes the wholesale UK so they can display their stuff, but you don’t want to send them cheap, flimsy packaging materials.

So you ask the designer and printer to make sure it’s rough and tough, so their products won’t be getting scratched.

Your Custom-Made Boxes Should Make Your Products Look Appealing

That is why you hire a designer and printer to create custom gift boxes, after all.

You can’t expect them to make something for you if they don’t know what kind of look you are going for.

So it would be best if you told your designer everything about your brand, from the logo to the colours, fonts and finishes you want to be used to the images that describe your products best.

They will also have to know what kind of finishes you want on your custom gift boxes wholesale – matte, glossy or pearlescent?

That will give them an idea of how your products will look inside the boxes.

Your Custom-Made Boxes Should Fit Your Brand And Yourself

If you are opening a foodie shop, it is probably wise to avoid wholesale high-end glossy gift boxes.

After all, people who buy food don’t usually go for the glitz and glamour of luxury items.

So your custom gift boxes should be made out of materials like corrugated cardboard or even paper to make them look natural and organic.

You shouldn’t hire a fashion designer and printer if you don’t want to end up with cheap, flimsy boxes that fall apart as soon as someone touches them.

You should also avoid hiring a designer or printer who doesn’t understand your concept or idea, whether it’s funky or classic.

In Conclusion

This blog has covered some of the basic concepts to keep in mind when asking someone to create custom gift boxes UK for you.

You should always know what kind of protection your products need so they will arrive at their destination safe and sound.

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