Marble and Soapstone: Softer Stones Lend Timeless Beauty to Your Contemporary Kitchen Design

You are not going to create an ordinary kitchen with white cabinets and white floors and a complete lack of personality. You envision a room full of life, colorful accents, and warm wood tones. Perhaps you are building a kitchen highlighted by industrial fixtures. Marble or soapstone may be just right for your unique approach to interior design.

Searching for Countertop Options that Break Away from Traditional Speckled Granite

Every time you walk into a kitchen with granite countertops, you remain unimpressed. The constant collection of dark gray, brown, pink, black, and flecks of cloudy quartz just leaves you cold. At the same time, you don’t want laminate or a solid color. Marble and soapstone introduce unique options full of unique veining, stripes, colors, and blocks of inclusions that can lend your room its own personality.

Marble: A Classic Elegant Appearance in Trending Light Gray

Marble is not just an expanse of white stone waiting to be carved into a statue. The floors of your old city hall or public library are likely marble. Most marbles come in a range of gray that runs from nearly white to deeper tones with rivers of contrasting stone running through the slab. It brings elegance and movement to your work surface. It is a softer stone, so it does collect signs of hard work over the years. In Old World kitchens, that patina is a sign of a bustling and happy home.

Soapstone: The Dark and Dramatic Option that Ages with Grace

If you picture your countertops covered in dark slabs of rugged color, explore the possibilities associated with soapstone. It is also soft, but non-porous. It, too, gathers a patina over time, often developing an even deeper tone as it collects oils from use. This stone was often used in barns, factories, and other busy locations as it can be shaped to purpose and will last as long as your kitchen. It is simply itching to complement your black fixtures, blown glass lamps, and rough pine floors.

Bring Your Samples and Imagination Boards to Our Showroom for the Best Selection

How do you choose the slab of stone destined for your custom counters? The best way is to visit a fully stocked showroom like ours at The Countertop Shop. Bring your samples of flooring, tile, cabinetry, and paint. Grab images of lighting, appliances, and storage solutions. Hold it all up against the actual slab of marble or soapstone and see your vision come to life.

Once you have located the right slab for your project, leave it to our experienced team of professionals at The Countertop Shop in Monclova, OH to measure, cut, and install your stone piece for a kitchen that will dazzle your heart for years.

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