Mailer Custom Perfume Packaging Boxes: The Ultimate Guide


Get the custom perfume packaging boxes right, and you are already selling your product at its peak rate. Trust us, no one is interested in perfumes unless you make them. There are always tricky ways to catch the initial sight of a consumer. But somehow, packaging always gets in the way.

Get the scheme right, and you’ll be leaving a lasting impression on each consumer. We’ve created this quick guide to help you navigate and create better mailer boxes for perfume packaging wholesale at GetCosmeticBoxes.

What Are Mailer Types For Custom Perfume Packaging Boxes

This question is common when choosing mailer boxes. What are mailer types and how can you benefit from them? Here is a quick introduction to mailer packaging boxes for perfume.

Mailer boxes for custom perfume packaging are some of the most popular options opted. They amplify your space and let you add promotional inserts like cards, notes, and an invitation note to new customers. The space created in mailer boxes is done by precise measurement, made to fit your perfume bottles.

This outer layer of packaging has a few different types.

Digitally Printed Custom Mailer Boxes

These mailer perfume packaging boxes are the ones with a white surface. A bit boring at first, but with digital printing, you can add custom logos as well as have the entire box painted in your desired color.

Generic Mailer Boxes

The generic type of mailer perfume packaging boxes is simple and are lightweight in your pocket. With the same protective properties, these are the ones you’ll find as the most cost-effective ones. With the lack of custom features, this is a more simple option for your wholesale perfume packaging.

How Mailer Boxes Benefit Your Brand

There must be a wide part of your product packaging that benefits you. In most cases, the lack of attention on custom perfume boxes is a bad feature

But you can’t go wrong with this mailer type of customized perfume packaging boxes. One of the wide reasons you should choose custom perfume packaging boxes over pre-made ones.

Here are the top three reasons custom mailer perfume packaging boxes help you.

Elevates Brand Vision

Every brand has a message they want to convey. With your custom perfume boxes, you might want to tell men or women how important first impressions are. Or how beautiful your perfumes can make them feel. With custom mailer boxes, you can have a slogan on your perfume packaging boxes. You can add notes, have better credibility with consumers all at low prices.

Gives You Credibility

As mentioned above, custom packaging boxes for perfumes offer credibility with their luxurious features. What else the mailer style adds are the accessories made to keep customers coming in.

Makes You Shine in The Crowd

Mailer-style perfume packaging boxes shine with their personalities. To be at the top, competing with your rivals. There must be something that separates you from them. This is where mailer custom perfume boxes offer such a wide variety at GetCosmeticBoxes.

What’s Different About Mailer Perfume Packaging Box Features

With each feature, every style has something different to offer. Just like custom perfume packaging boxes for your perfumes. With mailer boxes for perfumes, your product fits in, and you’ll not waste money on excessive features.

Here is what’s different on wholesale custom perfume boxes.

They Distinguish Your Brand in A Mass

Wholesale perfume boxes are profound packaging that hold the weight of your box on top. Perfumes make you stand out in the crowd. They are the memoir of a person. But what’s your product’s narrative? Simple. Custom packaging for perfumes.

They Can Be Printed – With Better Technologies

Printing might as well be the backbone of custom packaging. You can’t name, own and style different illustrations and graphics on your customized perfume packaging boxes unless they are printed with digital and offset printing. There are many state-of-the-art packaging boxes available on custom boxes. This is what makes mailer boxes different from normal cologne and perfume boxes.

They Are Cost-Effective

Cost-effectiveness plays an important role for manufacturers. Everyone wants to opt for the option that is high quality, but cheap in their pockets. Just like mailer packaging for perfumes are. Because of the sturdy and rigid cardboard material, they do not need additional components to shine.

Your Shipping Pal- Mailer Boxes

Let’s be honest, I think we have established by now how well custom mailer boxes for perfumes hold your product. This is why they are your best shipping pal. This protection of your perfume bottle reduces the chances of your bottle breaking and leaving a bad impression.

Different Styles, Same Reviews

Mailer boxes for customized perfume packaging are a great way to add mobility to what you sell. Your custom cologne boxes should be in different styles to elicit reactions each time someone passes by. The attention span of a normal customer ranges from 2-3 seconds.

With different wholesale perfume packaging styles, you can take the attention in a mass full of others.

How To Know If Mailer Boxes Is Your League

Sure custom perfume packaging boxes are cheap at price, good for your brand, and many other things. But are they really what your cologne boxes need?

Here are some of the things you need to ask yourself before opting for custom perfume packaging boxes at wholesale rates.

  1. Do You Want to Ship Globally?
  2. Is Your Product Safe?
  3. Do You Want to Make an Impression?
  4. What Box by Style Makes A Bond With Customers?

Embellishments & Features to Win Hearts

Embellishments are different ways to present your custom perfume packaging boxes. This is why your wholesale boxes should have different add ons. Creating the supreme design to sell more.

Some of the best embellishments and add ons to your mailer perfume packaging boxes are.

  1. Ribbons:
  2. Thread Handles:
  3. Die Cutting
  4. Gluing
  5. Scoring
  6. Perforation
  7. Custom Window Cut Out
  8. Gold/Silver Foiling
  9. Embossing
  10. Raised Ink

How To Design Custom Mailer Boxes?

To create mailer boxes, and assemble them is easy. But how to create them with such luxury? It’s no easy process. This is why GetCosmeticBoxes luxury mailer boxes for perfume packaging are a blank canvas for you to paint on!

We reimagine printing technologies to give you the best of the cosmetic packaging industry. We solve your problem of creating and shipping boxes to your warehouse by providing a fast turnaround for perfume brand.

With our easy free quote feature, you have the power to win the hearts of consumers!

GetCosmeticBoxes As Your Leading Packaging Company

You might worry about having your perfume packaging boxes being made out of your sight. But here is GetCosmeticBoxes allows you to be in full control. The designing team will get back to you in the first hour after you send the bulk perfume boxes quote!

Helping you with the designing process with features to doll your custom packaging with. Perfume mailer boxes wholesale will be ready and at your door with free shipping in the US.

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