Looking for a Doctor Online? Here’s What You Can Do

online doctor consultation

Technology has opened the door to a world of endless possibilities. You can now consult doctors online and then make instant decisions. Today’s world has become much smaller and more convenient for doctors. Some online doctors are ready to serve you 24 X 7, and the internet has made it possible. You can book an online doctor consultation in just a few seconds. All you need to do is find the right application.

Booking the Online Doctor Consultation Session

There are a few steps involved in looking for online doctors. Some of the steps are mentioned below:

Downloading the Correct App

Several apps can help you find doctors and give you a platform to consult doctors onlineThe FinServ Health app is one such app. You can enter your basic credentials and start looking for online doctors. 

Searching for the Right Doctor

Before you book a doctor, you must decide the kind of doctor from whom you want help. If you have trouble with your eyes, you might need an ophthalmologist. If you have a terrible headache, a general physician might help your cause. These doctors are mentioned on several health apps. You need to search for the specialist you want to consult.

Deciding on the Doctor

Once you know which specialist you want to consult, you will get a list of doctors to choose from. You can select a doctor based on his expertise, his years of practice, the hospital he serves, or the patient reviews he has got. Once you decide on the doctor, you need to choose him on your app.


The doctor will now chat with you about your medical issue.  The doctor might give you a diagnosis or order some tests based on the messages and suggest a video call to better understand the situation. If the situation is serious, the doctor might recommend that you physically visit your nearest doctor. However, using the chat function, you can get an idea of the whole situation and get a quick and immediate remedy for your problems.

Features of Online Consultation

There are several features of an online consultation app. Some of them are listed below:

Group Calls:

Over video or voice group calls, doctors can connect directly with their patients.  Such group calling features can facilitate virtual talks.

Chat in Real-Time With Your Doctor

Doctors can communicate with patients over chat and make quick decisions using real-time chat API. This provides a safe room to exchange communications in a private setting with end-to-end encryption.

File Sharing

You can share files and test reports related to your medical history with the doctor using the consultation app. Looking at your reports will give a better understanding of the situation to the online doctors. 

Benefits of Consulting a Doctor Online

There are several benefits when you reach out to a doctor online. Some of the benefits are listed below:

No Need of Travelling

If you decide to visit an online doctor, you don’t need to travel. You can easily consult a doctor online from the comfort of your own home. You will not have to leave your home to speak with highly qualified medical specialists. This is especially important if your condition makes it difficult for you to move around, or if you do not have access to public transportation.

Skip Queues

Hospitals are full of queues. However, you can easily skip queues if you opt for an online consultation. If a doctor of your choice is not available online, you can talk to another doctor. Consultation apps make it convenient.


Online doctor consultations are a cost-effective way to get medical advice. An online doctor consultation can save you up to Rs.400-700 each time you consult a doctor. This is a very cost-effective choice if you do not have health insurance. A typical doctor’s appointment costs at least Rs.700. Online consultation with a doctor, on the other hand, costs as little as Rs.100 to Rs.150 a visit.

Accessibility of Documents

If the doctor writes you a prescription, it will get stored in your device. There is no need to maintain files and heaps of paper if you choose a medical consultation online.


Getting a doctor online makes treatment quite convenient. There are several benefits of online consultation. You can book a demo to experience the same and then make a habit out of it.

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