Learn All About Industrial  Furniture style

Industrial  Furniture style

The most popular styles in home furnishing and decoration are always shifting. New trends in colours, materials, and styles of furniture are constantly being heralded as the “next great thing.” It was all about vivid hues and geometric shapes in the ’70s. Pastel colours and rounded shapes were prominent throughout the ’80s. The ’90s brought us flowery pillows and stencilled wallpaper.

However, there are some timeless trends that will always be in vogue. As a style with its roots in the Industrial Revolution, industrial furniture has shown to be remarkably resilient in the face of the constant flux that characterises today’s interior design. Industrial furniture, such as reclaimed wood tables with beautiful wrought iron legs or a refurbished old locker for the mud room, looks great in any home, regardless of the age or design of the structure. Find out how pieces made from industrial materials and wood can be customised to fit a wide range of home requirements. Such a style never goes out of style.


What, therefore, is the definition of industrial furniture? As was briefly mentioned earlier, industrial furniture takes its cues from the utilitarian designs of bygone factories and warehouses (and today you can spot many current apartments and lofts situated in these old workspaces). Natural materials (such as metal, brick, iron, concrete, and bold and minimal woods—no plastics! ), clean, geometric lines, plenty of reclaimed elements (lumber could be sourced from old barns or wine barrels, for example), natural light, and deep earth tones are all hallmarks of industrial furniture. The industrial style may not be for those who appreciate subtlety, yet there is a certain elegance in its bareness. https://board.radionomy.com/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=408843

How can we keep the aesthetics of industrial design current?

Since the mid-1800s, the industrial style has remained popular, proving that a piece of furniture with an industrial design appeal would age well.

This means that your industrial furniture will continue to look wonderful even after you’ve updated the rest of your home’s decor or moved to a new house.

Pieces of industrial furniture are simple to decorate with.

There is no visual chaos with industrial furniture because of its simple design, its hard, crisp lines, and its limited colour palette. It’s great that the design is so straightforward; that gives you a lot of leeway to update it whenever you like in response to whatever current fashions happen to be. Consider rearranging the books on your bookshelf, adding seasonal decorations to your dining table, or sprucing up your coffee table with some fresh flowers and a set of coasters.

A combination of metal and wood is a classic.

You might not expect it, but metals like polished steel, chrome, powdered metal, or iron go wonderfully with earthier, muted tones and natural materials. For instance, a coffee table with a dark stain produced from salvaged lumber would be a perfect addition to a chic, basic loft that evokes the feel of an old warehouse. It will also look fantastic in a bungalow with a cottage-chic aesthetic. A solid wood (maybe cherry or pine?) tabletop looks fantastic on an angular dining room table with welded metal legs. The bottom line is that you should attempt some spotlight industrial type furniture in your home if you want to achieve a classic look. It’s okay to take some risks!

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