Juicing Versus Blending

Juicing Versus Blending

It is not uncommon for people to question the difference between juicing and blending. They are quite similar but often produce extremely different outcomes. What does a juicer do versus a blender?


A juicer works by extracting the juice only from fruits and vegetables. The fibers, or pulp, do not stay intact. The liquid produced is thin, like the orange pulp-free juice you purchase from a grocery store. That is what a juicer will produce but with almost any fruit or vegetable.


A blender blends almost any type of food you put in it. Blenders are perfect for making smoothies, soups, or anything that is considered a thick liquid. The major difference between juicers and blenders is that blenders keep the fiber intact. Keeping the fiber is great for those who have problems getting enough fiber in their diet. 

Although the two both finish with a drinkable result, they are not the same finished product. Understanding the benefits of a juicer versus a blender can help you make the right choice for your needs. 

The Benefits of a Juicer

By juicing vegetables, fruit, or both, you are getting the fastest absorption of the nutrients and vitamins they contain. Juicing diminishes indigestible fibers which allows for more effortless digestion. Without the fibrous pulp, you can get a generous amount of nutrients in one glass. 

Juicers can process harder vegetables, like carrots, and fruits such as apples. Some juicers have a difficult time taking in softer fruits so be sure to look at what your juicer can and cannot handle. Juicers can be a bit more expensive than blenders because they are more specialized.

What Can You Make With A Juicer? 

The list of items you are able to make with a juicer is shorter than that of a blender. Here are some things you can make with a juicer. 

  • Juices from fruits and vegetables.
  • Nut butter and nut milk from any type of nut. 
  • Sorbet and Ice Cream 
  • Soups (this will be a thinner consistency than with a blender).

The Benefits Of A Blender

Blenders tend to be a favorite because they are so versatile. Unlike juicers, blenders keep the fibrous pulp and break it down. The addition of fibers from fruits or vegetables may help aid in digestion. It may also push the elimination of toxins throughout the body. 

Fiber slows digestion because it takes an increase in energy to process it. This may prevent fluctuating blood sugar levels. Blenders have an advantage in blending softer fruits and vegetables, so they are not as limited by textures.

Blenders are generally affordable. There are models for every budget though, ranging from affordable to expensive. Deciding on the type of blender you purchase; it may have more power or functions than less expensive models.

What Can You Make With a Blender?

The range of what one can create with a blender is far wider than the juicer. Here is a list of things you can make with a blender. 

  • Baby Food. 
  • Dough for bread or crackers.
  • Sweet baking items, like cake batter or cookie dough.
  • Beverages like smoothies, cocktails, different types of coffee, milkshakes, and even homemade alternatives to milk. 
  • Sauces, soups, and condiments for every type of dish.
  • Breakfast foods like smoothie bowls, pancakes mix, and oat-based foods. 
  • Desserts and treats like ice cream, cookies, sorbet, protein balls, and popsicles.
  • Main dishes like beef meatballs, dumplings, pasta, pizza, and even seafood.   

A blender is more versatile than a juicer in the foods it can handle. It can be used for more than drinks.

To Blend Or To Juice

Every person has their own preferences. If you’ve been inspired to start a juice cleanse, a juicer may be the best option for you. Those who are searching for a tool that provides a bit more variety may choose to go with a blender. 

If you cannot decide which to choose you may want to consider a combination of the two. These types of machines may be a bit pricier and more difficult to use so be aware. Whichever you choose whether it be a blender or a juicer, you may want to look at reviews and see how your option stacks up against the rest. 

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