Increase trend of development of punjab.

We all love to live at that place where all provisions are provided to us and have a better place to live upon. Punjab is a developing state . So our government tries its best to provide all the services and opportunities to the citizens of the nation. These provisions are handled by different sectors of the government and one of the sectors that handle the list of provisions to the needy is public welfare. The question arises is what is public welfare? The term refers to different programs that provide aid to the people who are in much need of those provisions. Such people are more eligible to avail these services as their income and assets are quiet low in comparison to other people.

Who is responsible for the public welfare ?

Our government is responsible for the public welfare. Our government decides everything  regarding the welfare of the people. Initially, our government analyzed who is on the priority list of availing all the opportunities generally it includes vulnerable group , children, or poor people, then on the basis of that our government redistributes all the goods and services to the people who are in much need of it. Public welfare system runs on the basis of the social interest of the people therefore which is good for the people is meant to be in the Public welfare . So in order to run all these things government needs a trustworthy and hardworking person  leader , under the supervision of whom the public welfare department will work on , and our pwd minister mr. vijay inder singla is well legit for this work. The most renowned and trustworthy personality.

What public welfare services does the government provide?

There are many opportunities or provisions that are provided by the public welfare department for the welfare of the people. Such as ,to promote the health of the people by introducing some programs that will ultimately lead to the good health of the people. Medicaid is being provided by the welfare Department. The public welfare department focuses on the senior citizen by providing the security of their income as well as their health. PWD provide temporary assistance to those people who are in much need of financial help. So one can say there are a lot of services that are being provided by the welfare Department for the people.

What are the  contributions of the PWD minister in the rapid growth of Punjab?

If we talk about the contributions of our PWD minister in the development of Punjab then we can witness an increasing trend in the graph. With the introduction of programs such as supplemental nutrition programs, child health security programs, and so on, Punjab can witness a better growth rate.  Apart from that, as we all know that vulnerable groups of society need more security assurance than other groups, and this is better fulfilled by the public welfare department Punjab. social welfare can also brighten the future for poverty-stricken kids by providing nutrition and education to them.

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