‘I am Relentless,’ Staxx Cordero Announces the Release of her Book to Movie Adaptation of her Biography.

Staxx Cordero

After an overwhelming response to the book released in 2021, author, actor, singer, producer, and director– Staxx Cordero announces the release of her biopic; fans shower love and appreciation. 

New York City, New York- Staxx Cordero, ‘I am Relentless’ Coming Soon.

[DATE]- Staxx Corderos’s fans are ready to watch her story, an emotional roller coaster which many relate with, staring Shana Lee, Madisyn Gibbs, Anita Marie Sparrock, and Omarr A. Salgado in leading roles, biopic ‘I am Relentless,’ depicts an uncensored, raw life of the star artist. 

Making a comeback with a stage play, the Harlem-based artist returned with a bang, Adiamond Entertainment’s #1 Urban Stage Play, ‘Man of the House,’ starring Monifah and C King at the Soho Playhouse had everyone talking about her impressive performance. The star is currently promoting the title track from the film ‘The Struggle,’ which features Nerrissa J and is produced by multi-platinum D-Moet. The Harlem-based artist made a historic stage return. The song includes exciting snippets from the film, which tell the story of all the obstacles and glass ceilings she overcame to become who she is today. The film based on Star Cordero’s life is an adaptation of her book, published in 2021.

It all began with a role in the commercial, which didn’t go unnoticed by the broadway theatre community. Her ingenuity in front of the camera in her career’s first ever projects, ‘The Jamizon’ and ‘Miller Lite,’  was praised, paving her way into entertainment. There was no stopping for the star, who went on to do twenty lead roles, one of which was nominated for Audelco Awards for ‘Circumstances.’ Staxx, who had made a name for herself as an actress, wanted to put her directing skills to the test. Staxx was already well-versed in the creative lead corner of the filmmaking process as an author, actor, and singer. She made her debut with ‘The Murder at the Hands’ and ‘The Needs,’ both of which received positive reviews. 

Staxx Cordero

Also referred to as the powerhouse of entertainment, Staxx Cordero has established herself as the conqueror. Setting unprecedented standards of her own, she brings out a new version of herself through every new project of writing, singing and acting. She is also a partner of ‘Air it Out Show LLC,’ which broadcasts on the Scratchvision radio application every Saturday. The light-hearted informal talk show features guests who are accomplished in their fields. Entertainers, entrepreneurs, social media artists and others engage over many different topics. Also, providing entertainment updates to the listeners, the show is informational, enlightening and helpful. With ‘I am Relentless’, Staxx is inviting her family-like fans on her resilience journey; Staxx encountered all that came her way. An epitome of multi-tasking, she was determined to pursue her passion and freedom of art to the fullest. 

From early childhood, the ‘Poor Girl, Rich Girl’ fame artist always found a way of expressing the inexpressive through the magic of her words. She would indulge herself in writing therapy, putting everything she felt on paper. She first stepped into the industry when she wrote the ‘Black Inventors’ skit for the Jamaican-American rapper Heavy D with Mcdonalds’. Her career witnessed exponential growth after she wrote the title track ‘Legacy’ for McLyte and D Nice for the ‘The Legacy of Black Music,’ produced by Miller Genuine Draft; the opportunity evolved her career, creating many life-changing opportunities for her. 

Star xx Cordero is holding private screenings for ‘I am Relentless,’ across the cinemas of New York and New Jersey, she shared

‘From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone who supported me during my struggling days. I am truly grateful, it wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. For us, the bad days outnumber the good days in the industry, a reality everyone knows but never addresses. My journey serves as a learning opportunity for all the women out there who know how to dream but are unsure if they are allowed to. I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of love that has been directed my way. Watch ‘I Am Relentless’ and join me on my journey.’

With the release of her short film, ‘I Got A Call Back,’ the globally acclaimed Staxx Cordero rose to new heights of fame and success. It was well received on the big screens of 25 Film Festivals for its compelling and gripping storyline, a script that had not been written in a long time; Staxx was praised for her charisma that reflected in her storytelling which connected with the audience instantly. It was nominated in several categories and won the category of Best Writing at the ‘Everbody Digital Festivals.’ 

For more details and information, visit Staxx Cordero (@staxxcordero) • Instagram photos and videos. For further inquiries and collaborations, email themistytvfirm@yahoo.com. The marketing agency for media publication, The Misty TV Firm Corporation, is available 24/7 for assistance at The Misty TV Firm (@themistytv) • Instagram photos and videos. Buy the ‘I am Relentless’ book at I Am Relentless: Cordero, Staxx.

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Staxx Cordero is a renowned author, singer, actor, producer and director currently promoting her co-produced biopic ‘I am Relentless,’ starring Shana Lee, Madisyn Gibbs, Anita Marie Sparrock, and Omarr A. Salgado. which is based on her book published in 2021. 


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