How to select and use the internal clearance of SKF imported bearings?

SKF imported bearings

Analysis of SKF bearing internal clearance operation:

When SKF bearing is operating, the temperature rise will change the temperature difference between the inner and outer rings, which will reduce the clearance of the device. Together, the load will cause elastic deformation of the tumbling body and the ring, and increase the clearance. Generally, the operating clearance is slightly larger than the device clearance. In order to obtain the most satisfactory operating performance, the appropriate operating clearance should be selected.

Use of SKF bearing clearance:

SKF bearings can make bearings have certain preload through the requirement of certain quantitative negative clearance, the intention is to improve the rigidity of bearings, but also improve the service life of bearings; When the preload exceeds the upper limit of the optimal scale, the bearing rigidity is not large, but the conflict and heating are sharply added, and the bearing life is also sharply decreased. When the clearance is too large, the number of tumbles accepting load is small, the maximum load accepted by tumbles is large, and the bearing life will be reduced.

Therefore, the selection of internal clearance should not only consider the operating conditions of bearings (such as load, speed, temperature, etc.) and the performance requirements of bearings (such as oscillation and noise, conflict torque, rotation accuracy, etc.), but also consider the shrinkage of the rear clearance of bearing devices and the influence of operating temperature difference on the clearance.

Will SKF imported bearing safety precautions affect the quality?

SKF imported bearing safety precautions

Next, let’s talk about SKF imported bearing safety need to pay attention to what matters?

The safe use of SKF imported bearings must be checked, check its vibration fluctuations and sound, temperature, lubricant status (color and viscosity change, whether there is a foreign body), remember, the amount of lubricant, must be moderate, more waste, less can not play the due role, in the process of use, do not exceed the limit speed, due to overheating or burn caused by damage, If the working temperature exceeds 100 degrees, then the oil should be replaced about 2-3 times a year. In the process of transportation, it is necessary to carry the large and heavy SKF imported bearings with forklifts or cranes.

First, can protect the Swedish SKF bearing;

Two, you can avoid smashing the handling personnel, do not test open or modify the Swedish SKF bearing, otherwise it may lead to early damage to the SKF imported bearings or equipment problems, do not let water, metal or dust into the imported bearings, otherwise it may lead to damage, in addition, before the use of imported bearings, it is necessary to admit the lubricant on the imported bearings, if there is no lubricant, SKF imported bearings may be damaged due to overheating.

If it is necessary to store SKF imported bearings, it is necessary to have the following conditions: dry place, clean, no dust, avoid entering the imported bearings, cool place, do not let the sun direct at her, and it is necessary to be 30cm above the ground. When you install and open SKF imported bearings, special things must be used.

Attention: Before using these things, please use a clean cloth to wipe things clean, admit whether there are cracks, burrs, damage, fall off or deformation and so on.

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