How to Score Well on the GMAT?

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Most GMAT test-takers often find themselves in a tough situation when preparing for the GMAT. Be it the lengthy reading comprehension questions in the verbal section or the confusing algebra and geometry of the quantitative reasoning section, test-takers often find the exam overwhelming due to the vast syllabus and question pattern. In this article, we will discuss the steps you can take to help improve your scores on the GMAT and how you can manage to get a GMAT above average score to get into your dream business school.

Before we begin, let us understand the scoring pattern in detail about the GMAT and what is considered to be a good, bad and average score.

Understanding the GMAT Scoring Pattern

Overall, the GMAT is scored on a scale of 200-800, this score is the combination of your verbal and quant scores and does not include the scores of your integrated reasoning and analytical writing sections. Although the IR and AWA sections are equally important sections of the GMAT, scores from the two sections are reported separately. While the IR section is scored on a scale of 1-8 with a single-point increment system, the analytical writing assessment section is scored on a scale of 0-6 with a half-point increment system. 

Your actual GMAT score is a combination of your verbal and quantitative reasoning section scores. Both the verbal and quant sections of the GMAT are scored individually on a scale of 6-51, these scores are known as the raw scores. Using the combination of the raw scores the GMAT arrives at a score on the scale of 200-800; wherein, 200 is the lowest and 800 is the highest score representing the 99th percentile. 

The average GMAT score is 550 which is the 43rd percentile. Hence, one can assume a good GMAT score to be anywhere between the range of 700 to 750, which are the 89th and 97th percentiles, respectively. However, you should also consider the average GMAT scores reported by the university or business school you choose to apply to.

Now that you know how the GMAT is scored and what scores are considered good, let us understand what you can do to increase your chances of scoring a 700+ on the GMAT.

Tips to Performing Well on the GMAT Test

Here are a few tips you can use to increase your chances of scoring well on the test:

  1. Practice the official guide thoroughly and use the GMAT prep software. You can get the GMAT guide upon registering and paying the GMAT price of $250.
  2. Take sufficient mock tests after each level of study to evaluate your progress.
  3. Track your errors by recording and reviewing them.
  4. Time yourself so you learn to solve a question in as little time as possible.
  5. Consider enrolling into one of the best GMAT online coaching in India to help you prepare for the test and clarify doubts.
  6. Get the official verbal and quant guides to enhance your knowledge in specific areas.

These are the basic tips you can incorporate in your study plan to effectively train for the GMAT. It is essential to note, there is no shortcut to acing the GMAT, it requires patience and practice. By following the tips we have mentioned and having a dedicated study routine, you will find yourself progressing well towards your GMAT goals.

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