How to Match Your Countertop to Your Home


Countertops are the focal points of your kitchen. Contrasting styles or colors can negatively impact your home’s aesthetic. Choosing the right color, material, and finishing enhances the appearance and the contrast it provides to the entire kitchen. Use different yet unique countertop remnants to add style and pattern to your kitchen.

Here are some tips for matching your countertop to your home:

Choose Your Color Scheme According to the Kitchen Theme

The basic rule in designing kitchens is to choose three colors: two primary and one accent color, or one main and two complementary colors. Consider the color and style that matches the countertop and other elements like the floors, cabinets, walls, and tiles.

Your theme dictates the color you choose for your countertop. Modern styles have brighter and multiple colors where the countertops highlight the chosen accent colors in their style or pattern. Traditional techniques use warmer colors with lighter contrasts on the countertops than on the floors.

Work on your contrasts or complementary colors to avoid clashing or highlighting the floor instead of the countertops. Mind your countertop pattern and let it guide you on how to blend it with the color scheme and kitchen style.

Consider the Kitchen Lighting

Consider your colors under different lighting. Look at how natural lighting influences the color of other parts of your kitchen. Natural lighting can bring out the right ambiance and coziness of the kitchen. It accentuates the brightness in your kitchen while expanding your color options. You may need to add other artificial lighting aspects like skylights to illuminate the space’s style.

Contrast by Using Countertop Remnants

Use unique tile patterns and styles from remnants to create an exceptional finish. These patterns should align with your kitchen project’s big picture by observing how they contrast or complement the kitchen’s style. Consult your contractor for advice on how to mix and match the colors, patterns, and styles.

Identify the Countertop Material

When choosing your countertop color, look into the type of material you’ll use. Many people prefer granite or quartz, with additional beauty features that highlight your countertop. Look at its position in the kitchen, your budget, and your vision when choosing the countertop material.

Wooden (Butcher block) countertops limit your pattern, style, or color selection, while granite or quartz has broader options. Tiles offer numerous options in terms of color, texture, and patterns that blend well with multiple kitchen themes. Varying the shape and size of the tiles creates a contrasting effect in the kitchen.

Marble countertops come in different colors and designs. They have a natural aesthetic appearance that wins over every kitchen design. Consider their cost, installation time, maintenance, and durability when deciding on the countertop material. Think through your decisions for a cohesive kitchen look.

Add Appropriate Décor Pieces

Decorative pieces on your kitchen countertop or kitchen can help improve its overall appearance. Use gold or silver additions to your kitchen countertop, cabinets, or flooring to distinguish and elevate its appearance. A simple fruit basket addition adds to the contrasting features of the kitchen. When adding your décor, don’t overdo or overshadow the set kitchen highlights on the countertop or cabinets.

The Benefits of Using Countertop Remnants

A beautiful kitchen countertop is the centerpiece of a successful kitchen masterpiece project. It can take careful planning to get the right color, style, pattern, and contrast. Using countertop remnants, differentiate and highlight the countertop in your kitchen. It adds a stylish layer to the kitchen’s excellence. Use appropriate kitchen additions and installations to maintain the perfect kitchen look to match the kitchen to the home design. Work with a reputable company to enhance your kitchen’s appearance.

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