How to Make the Most of a Business Exhibition

Most of a Business Exhibition

Business exhibitions are the perfect way to increase your brand’s recognition and expand your professional networks. Whether you’re looking to sell a brand-new product or simply spark attention to what your brand is about, exhibitions are ideal for improving your business prospects.

As there are hundreds of conferences occurring worldwide, it’s important to evaluate and choose those relevant to your business that will attract the most consumer interest within your niche. If your next exhibition is set to be your very first, you may find it useful to make a note of these helpful pointers below.

Start Planning Now

As soon as you book in for the event, it’s time to get the planning underway. It’s not as simple as turning up and winging it – this is a fundamental moment to demonstrate how your business is different and why consumers should be investing in you.

Before the big day, research which companies are attending and check if there happen to be competitors on the attendee list. If so, research which promotional and marketing techniques they may be using and ask whether you could avoid being located nearby.

Train Your Team

It’s unlikely you’ll be able to manage the entire day alone, so it may be worthwhile bringing along your team. If you don’t currently have any employees, choose people that you feel comfortable representing your brand.

Hiring friends and family may mean carrying out training beforehand so that they are up to speed on the ins and outs of your brand, products, and services and are prepared to answer customer questions.

Create an Immersive Experience

Exhibitions can be long, tiring days, and after passing thousands of stands, consumers can start to become less attentive and patient as time goes on – the last thing they want is to be bombarded with stale sales talk toward the end of a long day.

Drawing in the crowds naturally starts with creating an immersive experience that captures their attention and garners intrigue in what your brand is about – and here are several ways to do this:

  • Hosting a Q&A
  • Giving away branded freebies ordered from specialist branding companies like Anthem Branding
  • Presenting a demonstration of your product
  • Hosting games and challenges

Invite People on Social Media

Social media is a great tool for alerting your followers that you will be attending the exhibition in the days and weeks leading up to the date. If your business is predominantly online-based, your followers might be keen to visit to physically see and hold your products and speak to team members to find out more about your brand.

During the event, assign a member of your team to post regular updates on various social media platforms to keep followers in the loop and potentially widen your audience reach.

During games, Q&As, and demonstrations, you could even host a live stream to allow your followers the chance to feel like part of the action. Regular content ensures your brand stays top of mind and could intrigue people to browse your company website to find out more.

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