How to Make a Simple Gold Washi Tape Birthday Card

Step 1

If you don’t have any white cardstock, what can you do? Is the cardstock from your prior project still usable? Why not. I have some green cardstock (12″ x 12″), as seen in the image above, which I’ve used a tiny bit for a few previous projects. I’ve kept it for a very long time since I’m not sure what to do with it.

The green cardstock’s reverse is white. I only need a white background to create a sample so I can see how my card will appear. So instead of using different green cardstock, why not decorate the white part?

Step 2

As a result, I use a Martha Stewart scoring board to measure, score, and then cut the cardstock in half. I now have two sheets of “white” cardstock. If you can measure and cut without using your cutter right away, the scoring board is not necessary here.

Step 3

I wanted to make the birthday card out of several layers. In instead of utilizing gold cardstock or patterned paper (which, incidentally, I don’t have), I simply use the gold decorative tapes to finish the appearance. There’s no need to cover the entire space; only the edge. For instance, the card’s four edges have to be taped with gold glitter. An analogous process is used with the gold dots mt tape.

Step 4

Add three more tapes, hemp rope, tiny dots, and a Happy Birthday stamp to finish it off. Here, the top layer is adhered with double-sided tape. If you use the cardstock in reverse, don’t forget the inside. Just insert some white paper.

Is There Anything Else We Can Do To Make It Better?

Yes. I first tried making a sample of this rather straightforward birthday card with gold washi tape to see how it would turn out. But I don’t take it lightly. If I can help, the main motivation is to avoid wasting any paper. Talk about being frugal

#1 – Work in well-lit areas. Why? To enable you to…

#2 – If you care deeply about order and straightness, see clearly when applying the gold glitter tape. This differs from another gold mt washi tape that is simple to remove and reapply.

#3 – You can fold the extra washi tape over to the back and then add adhesive for the top layer and the second layer (gold dots mt tape). I neglected to complete this for the bottom layer.

#4 – Before inserting the white paper into the card, make sure you can easily open it and lay it flat.

#5 – Why not use the same washi tape to cover all 4 edges and put white paper on top if you use other patterned material, like my birthday card sample, and wish to cover that inside the card? But keep in mind to glue thoroughly so that it seems uniform from the inside out.

Thanks for staying with me! I sincerely hope you enjoy and try out this straightforward gold washi tape birthday card! What other colour would you use for the Happy Birthday stamp instead of copper ink? Would you prefer it to stand out or complement the background colour?

Dark green and butterfly washi tapes

Okay, I have to admit that it takes some effort to apply the dark green MT tape, which is actually known as mt 1P Deco Samekomon Matsu in Japanese. First of all, at first glance, it doesn’t seem particularly attractive or even interesting. The appeal takes some time to become apparent.

The tint of the green is also much darker than usual. You might assume it’s a black colour tape when it’s not if the photo wasn’t captured properly in good lighting. I was not at all a skilled photographer. But I made an effort to capture the images as clearly as I could to capture the “real colours.”

The design is the other issue. You might not be able to make out the pattern on this masking tape if the colour is too dark. You may see repetitive patterns of numerous tiny dots arranged inside of a half circle here. Some people claimed that this pattern was traditional Japanese in design. Or does it resemble an origami design quite a bit?

Why not use the dark green tape because there is a tree (the quote) in today’s Journal? In order to see the effect, I inserted it on three sides and slightly overlapped it. To make the page more vibrant, some butterflies were added.

Another idea is to include some floral washi tapes or stickers in vibrant colours. A different option is to place a bright or eye-catching colour behind the dark green tape and see what results you obtain. The alternative is to “washi” some glass bottles with this green tape and beautify them further. Under the sun, they look stunning!

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