How To Invest In Share Market Via Trading App?

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With the advent of technology, the investment avenue has opened up for many investors. The otherwise neglected path is now accessible for investors as they can easily trade on mobile applications (apps) and never miss out on any market opportunity.

The competitive market today provides the best trading apps with numerous features available. One can open a dematerialised account (demat account) and start off in just some minutes and clicks. You can buy stocks from the comfort of your home while you follow the simple procedure given.

How to invest using trading apps?

To start investing in the market and enjoying the benefits is just fingertips away.

  • A dematerialised account (demat account) is mandatory to start trading in the stock market. As an investor, you need to make sure it is linked to an already existing bank account for smoother trades.
  • You can download a trading app and log in to your demat account using the app or the trading platform.
  • You can select the stock you want to invest in.
  • The bank account should have sufficient funds so that the transaction is carried out immediately after you place a request.
  • When placing a request for a stock the buying price is the listed price and the number of stocks has to be specified by the investor according to the funds available.
  • Once the request is executed, the bank account is debited for the amount invested in stocks, and the shares are credited to your demat account.

Types of markets


When a company issues its shares in the market, the shares are offered to the public via an initial public offering. The investors can start buying the shares once the company opens its subscriptions. A demat account is mandatory to invest in an initial public offering (IPO). A trading account without investment can be subscribed to on the application.


The secondary market is also called an aftermarket. It is described as the market where shares and securities that are already owned are bought and sold. A demat account is necessary to invest in stocks in the secondary market as well.

Effective trading tips

Some of the tips for trading successfully are:

  • Simulation mode

Novice investors can take advantage of this facility in trading applications. The simulation mode provides trades to be conducted similarly to real-time. Practicing lets you get acquainted with real-time trading.

  • Right broker and platform

The right broker and platform provide you with apt information to conduct trades. Keeping yourself updated with the latest amendments can help in maximising profits. One of the leading apps is Bajaj Financial Securities Limited. It assists in opening a demat account and trading in equity, derivative and intraday segments. It provides a swift and easy application to live IPOs.

  • Identify style and risk appetite

Initially, long-term investing is a safe bet for new investors. The risk appetite of each individual investor is different, and trading should be done accordingly. Trading apps provide an analysis of the risk associated with each instrument.

  • Fund allocation according to risk

Fund allocation and deciding on the capital to invest form a crucial part of trading. Funds should be diversified according to the risk and the investments available in the market. Long-term trades require a lower capital. On the other hand, short-term trades are capital-intensive and have more costs associated with them.

Key Benefits of Trading Apps

  • Mobile trading apps are flawless, facilitating easy trading with a user-friendly interface. With discount brokers, you can get easy-to-understand trading apps to place trade orders quickly and effortlessly. 
  • A mobile trading app allows you to keep track of your investment portfolio and its performance in a single window. 
  • Thanks to stock trading apps, stock trading is at your fingertips with a 24×7 accessibility feature. 
  • View live market data on different financial securities to make timely decisions and encash market opportunities. 

Thus, traders can make informed decisions using the insightful data on these practical platforms and add value to their money. You can consider discount brokers offering affordable subscription-based brokerage plans and quality trading services.


There are various benefits of using a trading app for investing in the stock market. One can easily invest while on the go and incur lesser costs as the brokers are bypassed. With mobile apps gaining much investor attraction, investing in the market is available to numerous people. But, cautionary measures are necessary, and one should plan and invest funds considering the risk and return relationship.

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