How to Hang Curtains? {And what NOT to do!}

How to Hang Curtains

Have you selected a pair of curtains for a room, but now you are thinking about how to hang curtains? Don’t worry about this. Hanging curtains is a quick and easy process once you have all the tools and know all the steps. All the tricks and tips that you need for hanging curtains quickly and easily are mentioned below.

Curtains complete the room. Everyone wants to decorate their room or interior. The appearance of curtains makes the home attractive and comfortable. These are used for various purposes, like providing privacy and giving relaxation.

Different types of fabrics are used for different purposes. Many people think about how to hang wall curtains and what I should do and what I should not. This post will help you know how to hang curtains.

Rules For Hanging Curtains

  • Match curtains with walls.
  • You should know the curtain length and width of the window.
  • Choose a suitable fabric for curtains.
  • Identify rod replacement with care.
  • The width of the curtain rod should be wider than the width of the window.

Rule 1. Let The Light In From Outside

If you are thinking of designing the room, you probably don’t need blackout curtains. Instead, pick the sheer fabric. That type of fabric lets light in from the outside and creates a natural look. Sheer curtains offer more privacy without obstructing much light. Mini blinds also provide privacy but still allow light to enter. Sheer and mini blind types of fabric can let the light in from outside of the window.

Rule 2. Match Curtains With Walls

Match the curtain material with the walls. This combination of curtains and room walls makes the room attractive and decorative. You don’t need to overmatch your curtains exactly to your walls. Choose at least one shade darker than the walls with the same undertone. Matching curtains and walls create a stunning look in your home.

Rule 3. You Should Know The Curtain Length And Width

Before purchasing the curtains, you should know the length of the window. The curtain should be hung between four and six inches above the window. When you hang the curtain high, the view from the window appears taller.

Rule 4. Choose Suitable Fabric For Curtains

Choose suitable curtain material which suits the room and its function. The lighter fabric of the curtain feels casual. While denser fabric feels formal and provides more privacy. Choosing a light or white color of curtains is good for summer.

Rule 5. Identify Rod Replacement With Care

Decide a place where you want to hang the curtain. Identify rod replacement carefully and mark on that place.

Rule 6. The Width of the Curtain Rod Should Be Wider Than The Width of Window

Measure from your hanging curtains rod to the floor. The width of the curtain rod should be wider than the width of the window.

Hang Curtains With 5 Easy Steps

  • Measure your window with the tape measure
  • Create a visual plane before drilling
  • Drill the wall to create holes for rod brackets
  • Secure rod brackets before hanging curtains
  • Hang the curtains

Step 1. Measure Your Window With Tape Measure

Measure your window to get the right rods for the window. Each panel of the curtain should be as wide as your window. You can add more length.

Step 2. Create A Visual Plane Before Drilling

Create a visual plane before drilling. Determine the place where you want to install rods. Use a pencil to mark the place where you want holes by drilling. Again, check the pencil mark and measure it again and make sure the mark will be placed correctly.

Step 3. Drill The Wall To Create Holes For Rod Brackets

After marking the place of rods hanging and installation of brackets, you need drilling to hang curtains. With the help of a drill, you can create holes with no crack in the wall.

Step 4. Secure Rod Brackets Before Hanging Curtains

You can choose a screwdriver or drill both up to your choice. To secure the brackets to the wall, slow the setting of the drill.

Step 5. Hang The Curtains

After the installation of rods and brackets, you can easily hang the curtains. Several types of curtains are available depending on which type you want to hang. Use curtain weight while hanging curtains. Curtains or drapery weight are used to hang curtains or drapery straight and improve drapes.


After reading this post, I hope you clearly know the ways of hanging curtains, So you can easily adjust your curtains according to the size of your window.

Rules are also discussed in this post. You should follow the rules that help you while hanging the curtain. I have mentioned what you should do and what you should not do while hanging the curtain. And also discuss curtains hanging on steps one by one. Now you know the easiest steps of hanging curtains.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Where Curtain Rods Should Be Placed?

When we install rods higher than the window, the window will appear taller. So, fix your curtain rods closer to the ceiling of the window.

Do I Need A Stud To Hang A Curtain Rod?

You don’t need a stud to hang curtain rods. But you need a wall anchor to hold the weight. Drywall and toggle bolts are two types of anchors that are mostly used in hanging the curtains. Drywall anchor is best for plaster walls.

How Do We Hang Curtains Without Using Rods?

You can also hang curtains by using Upholstery tacks, tension cables, Hook-eye screws, Drapery pins, Staples, Furring strips, and Cabinet Knobs.

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