How to Generate Revenue from A Mobile App

Mobile app development has brought wonders to many fortunate. Mobile app development has now become essential for businesses and brands. The idea of App development may result from a solution to an existing problem in the lives of prospective users. Let’s take the example of Uber, where prospective users looking for a cab booking service meet the drivers who provide their services to them. Earlier, the users had to go and find a cab on the road which definitely carries hassle. Now, thanks to App development companies, users can find the cab services right on their smartphones without the hassle of going out and finding a cab.

Similarly, many popular apps like kindle, Line, and WhatsApp fulfill the modern needs of users.  However, it’s essential to let people be aware of your app after launching the app. without good marketing, a good app might not survive in the market. Here are some of the easy ideas that can surely help you to market your app and generate revenue.

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In-app advertisement is among the most effective and easy ways of making money through your app. This way, you do not directly make a profit from the users that definitely bend users to use your app. this works through data-driven highly targeted ads which are advertised by a mobile ad partner.

Lead Generation

You can make money through lead generation. This works by using basic details and contact information of the users for third parties and offering affiliate programs for them.

Freemium App Model

The word Freemium expresses a combination of free and premium. The freemium model app offers services on their app; however, to avail premium features, the user is required to pay an additional amount to an app development company or the owner of the app. This model works effectively if the free app version is able to engage and retain the interest of the targeted audience.

Email/SMS marketing

e-mail marketing is a wise strategy for app marketing as users rarely change their email addresses. SMS and e-mail marketing works effectively when sent to the right target audience who tend to use the offer. Email marketing is mainly used to reach inactive users and offer them something exciting to re-engage.

Subscription Services

Similar to the freemium approach, subscription services allow a user to use additional services which are limited to the unsubscribing users. However, subscription service does not limit the unsubscribing users to use basic features of the app. In fact, the basic services of a subscription app must be compelling enough for the users to move to the subscriptions.

Paid Apps

Paid Apps are those apps that can be installed via direct payment on the App store. Paid apps let you earn you directly when users purchase your app. To get users to download your app, it must offer something distinctive so that users find it reasonable to pay for your app.

App User Experience

User experience is among the most revenue-generating causes. When users find it easy and engaging to use your app, they probably come back to the app. while an app with an unsatisfying user experience will more likely end up with declining user engagement. If your app is able to keep users engaged, it marks a positive effect on user experience, and eventually, this generates revenue.

Author Bio: Danyal Shakeel is a digital marketing expert at a web design company in los angeles . He loves to work for companies that need his skills in the marketing domain to market their product and make a mark for itself.

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