How To Find Range In Math: You Should Know

How to find range in math is a common question among students. There are various students who are not aware of this concept. If you are one of them, then you are at an accurate place.

As mathematics becomes vital in every pace of life. However, it also becomes important to learn its various concepts and formulas. That is why, how to find range in math is also one of the various concepts one should know.

On the other hand, sometimes people get confused between finding a range in statistics and mathematics. Well, a range in statistics, as well as mathematics, is the same thing. The reason behind this is statistics is the branch of mathematics. Moreover, the formula is also the same. Therefore, do not get confused between them anymore.

However, now, let’s learn how to find range in math. If you want to learn about Math Homework Help, keep scrolling. 

What is Range?

The range is a statistical measure of dispersion in mathematics. It refers to how far a data collection is spread from smallest to biggest. The range of a collection of data is the difference between the highest and lowest number.

The range is one of four basic statistical tools:


The average of a group of numbers is its mathematical mean. (The sum of the numbers divided by the quantity of numbers)


The statistical median is the number in the center of a list of numbers.


The mode is the number that appears the most frequently in a data collection.


The mathematical difference between the greatest and lowest number in a data collection is called the range.

Therefore, the first three statistical tools are central tendency measures. It indicates how comparable the values are.

Moreover, the only range is a measure of dispersion. It highlights how distinct the numbers are, and they can be calculated using a simple formula.

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How To Find Range In Math: Formula

Range = Greatest Value – Smallest Value

Detailed steps: How To Find Range In Math?

To determine the range of a group of numbers, gather the information, order it from least to greatest, and then subtract the smallest value from the biggest value. Moreover, you can also encounter negative and positive numbers.

The steps on how to find range in math are as follows;

  • Gather your data. So you have a complete picture of the numbers you will be looking at.
  • Arrange the data in ascending order from the smallest to the largest.
  • Subtract the lowest value from the biggest (or largest) value.

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For example, You are reading a novel, and every day you write down the number of pages you read each day. You may get the following range:

Monday: 10 Pages

Tuesday: 8 Pages

Wednesday: 12 Pages

Thursday: 5 Pages

Friday: 3 Pages

Put the number of pages in order from lowest to greatest to identify a range:

3, 5, 8, 10, 12

Subtract the smallest integer from the largest:

R = 12 – 3 = 9

However, the range of this data is 9 Pages.

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What is the use of finding a range in math?

When you have a population with no data points, the range is an excellent measure of dispersion. In the case of measurements of central tendency, the range can reveal the distribution’s span.

When your data collection contains outliers, though, the range might be confusing. A single outlier in the data will result in an entirely different range.

How To Find Range In Math Between Two Numbers?

The range is frequently used to determine the dispersion of values in a data set with multiple values. To find the range between two integers, though, you do not need all of the other numbers.

Finding the range of a collection of data is the same as finding the range of two integers.

For Example,Let’s take a set of numbers;

6, 4, 10, 8

Therefore, to find the range, you took the greatest number which is 10, and minus it with the smallest number which is 4. However, the answer is 6.

Now, suppose you only have the numbers 10 and 4 in your set of numbers:

10, 4

The answer will be still 6.

Therefore, now it is clear that finding a range of data collection is as similar as finding a range between two numbers.

How To Find Range In Math In Real Life

In real life, people use range to do mathematical computations. Range determines how much time has passed. For example, calculating the age.

For exampleYou were born in 2005, and the current year is 2022. What is your age? Or how much you have spent your time?

However, to calculate the range we use the range formula. We minus the current year from the year you were born

2022 – 2005 = 17

Therefore, you have already spent 17 years since you were born. If your birthday is already passed then you are 17 years old.

In real life, range is also used to calculate the dispersion of a high school class’s exam scores, the pricing range for a service, etc.

Final Words

However, we have discussed how to find range in math. We have learned to find a range in different ways. I hope you understand the blog well. We have discussed the concepts in the very simplest way. So that you can easily understand it and use it in your academics as well as in your daily life.

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