How to Crack IELTS Writing Task: Tips and Tricks

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If you want to crack IELTS, all you need to do is excel in all four sections – Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking. Discussing with an IELTS expert, we found that the writing section is quite challenging for most candidates.

To excel in this section, many students practice writing long essays on varied topics, use various Online IELTS Essay Checker tools to improve writing skills, spend hours working on speed and reading.

To help you perform at your best on your test day, we have listed a few tips and tricks that may help you crack the IELTS paper. Before sharing the tips, let us understand what all the IELTS writing section covers.

There are two versions of the IELTS written section:

  • IELTS General Training
  • IELTS Academic

Whichever type of exam you are looking forward to, let us inform you will need two perform two tasks.

Task one:

You need to write a letter for IELTS General Training, whereas, for IELTS Academic, you will have a graph, table, chart, or diagram, under which you will need to select, compare and summarise data.

Nowadays, there are many online IELTS writing evaluation tools and services available that can help you improve writing skills, find weaknesses, and give an estimate of your band score before taking the actual test.

Top Tips to Crack an IELTS Writing Exam

Analyze the question and then make an Attempt

Unless you don’t understand the query, you will not be able to make your move. So, instead of focusing more on the running time, concentrate on understanding the question and try framing an answer accordingly. Remember, the examiners wish to understand your standards in English rather than how well you have put your ideas in English. So, try analyzing the query, and then make a move to attempt the question.

Learn to Manage our Time

Do you know task 2 has more contribution is scoring high? Well! Now you know. So let me tell you, make sure to invest 20 minutes on task 1 and rest for task two in your 60 minutes writing section.

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Become more familiar with the Essay Writing Structure, use writing evaluation online tools to find your weaknesses, work on them, and speed up your time in the section. Divide your essays into three different sections – Introduction, Body, Conclusion and keep them short, simple, and accurate. This technique will help you to use your time wisely. Make sure to practice writing essays or letters with 60-minute time limits.

Focus Improving Vocabulary

Using proper vocabulary gives the examiner an impression of your writing skills. Avoid using the same word multiple times. Instead, use synonyms for those words or high-level vocabulary. Pen down prolonged sentences to show your hold on the language. Practice finding new words while preparing for the exam and add them to your essays when needed.

Other than this, keep your writing formal, avoid irrelevant answers, make sure no questions are left, use the best IELTS writing evaluation online service to upgrade your writing skills and assess your writing skills.

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