How “Succession” Invented the Status Baseball Cap

baseball cap

Rich people like Kendall Roy wear costly cashmere caps to gently signal their riches. Additionally, somewhat impossibly, these hats are also selling out in person.

Baseball caps worn by wealthy people on shows like “Succession” and “The Morning Show” initially seem quite conventional. They come in blue or black. Most don’t have a frontal logo. However, you might notice that they have a little flecked cashmere texture if your TV is sufficiently high definition.

It can be challenging to dress for the two annual transitional seasons between the sweltering heat of one season and the bitter cold of the next. But switching to a baseball cap is a wonderful place to start instead of a bobble hat or going bareheaded.

Use a wool or twill cap to navigate these fashion waters, then put on your favourite transitional jacket and add layers underneath as necessary.

How to style a baseball cap

Baseball caps were once only worn by Americans, children who frequently got sunburned, and, obviously, baseball cap players. Now routinely to be spotted crowning some very gorgeous heads — everyone from Ryan Gosling to David Gandy appears to have been converted — it’s time you adopted a baseball cap into your outfit.

These are our favourite baseball caps available right now, whether you’re seeking to match the colour scheme of the season or throw it back with a reference to the 1990s.

Accept pale colours                     

While adding pastel pieces to your wardrobe may at first appear scary, the key is to choose the correct shade and embrace your skin tone. And what better season than summer to make this vibrant shift from the ordinary to the extraordinary?

The airy cotton twill and canvas of each of these designs make them ideal for keeping you cool as the warmer season approaches. Our pastel-hued collection is sure to start all the right discussions.

A retro-style cap will take you back in time

Wear a cotton twill cap with a logo sewn on it to channel the retro sportswear of the 80s and 90s. Choose a stylized option if you’re hesitant to declare your sporting preference (or, in fact, if you know absolutely nothing about baseball).

Put a cap with an illustrated graphic or vibrant brand moniker on top of your shirt and tie to add humour to your business attire.

Try new textures

Each of them will be a useful addition to your off-duty line-up if you’re searching for a cap that stands out a little more from the crowd. The easiest method to do this is to choose a less traditional material.

This towelling cap by Orlebar Brown provides a soft texture to any ensemble for a more informal look, perfect for the gentleman who prefers to spend his vacations on the beach. Alternately, the oldest hat store in the world, Lock & Co., offers a dark blue linen baseball cap that is it is own (appropriately traditional) interpretation and also checked this eriders.


  • For the love of God, remove the sticker from the brim. Not like 50 Cent, you.
  • Nothing ruins your casual appearance like furiously chasing a windy cap down the street.
  • Check to see if it’s not preventing your circulation on the same note. A prominent red line across your brow is also unlikely to improve your appearance.
  • Wear it backwards sparingly and with caution. Never put it on backwards.
  • When feasible, choose simplicity over flash. A simple cap will complement more of your clothes and is more elegant.

This $38 Accessory Is Going to Make Fashion People Go Crazy

Baseball caps have probably been one of the accessory trends that have lasted the longest in recent seasons. They enhance any style with a casual, carefree, sporty touch, and in my opinion, they look nice on everyone. This may explain why I have more of them than a single person actually requires, but it doesn’t matter. I’m glad to report that I’m about to increase my collection by one more.

Recently, our very own collection, the Who What Wear Collection, unveiled a new baseball cap. It’s a versatile, all-year-round neutral khaki colour. It is composed of hardy cotton twill and has the stylish emblem of the Who What Wear Collection embroidered in black.

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