How Much Does It Cost to Build A House In 2024?



Building a dream home is the wish of every individual. Moreover, it is not only a wish but a fundamental necessity that all humans strive to get all their lives. Furthermore, several housing schemes are developing in the surroundings to meet the living needs of the people. And the best aspect is that all investors and developers are gaining a good amount of profit from it. So, building a dream home is what everyone wishes for, and the planning starts right from where the location f the property is and how it will look to fulfil its requirements. Moreover, we all know with the increase in inflation, the prices of the properties might see a spike. And now, with time, the costs of building a home will be tremendously high. 

The Average cost of a New Home 

The investors and the developers are both always looking for affordable homes. Moreover, several housing societies in Pakistan are building highly reasonable and have all the best features and facilities. And some of the fine examples are the New Metro City Gujar Khan, Kingdom Valley Islamabad, and Blue World City. All these residential endeavours are here to fulfil the living requirements of the citizens.

Home construction from the beginning can be a lengthy and time-consuming task. However, if we roughly calculate, the average house cost can be $150 per square foot. And that’s a rough estimate of the prices that can increase if we look at the country’s economic conditions. In addition, the assessment may vary from region to region and the property’s location. Lastly, regarding the other cost related to construction work, continue reading. 

Pre-construction Cost

The phase includes a lot of research work. Moreover, the investors usually look for the best property option at this phase. Furthermore, the number of housing societies developing in the country can also make a choice sceptical for all the investors. Usually, things that attract the majority of the investors are the location and features of the living space. The best news is that several affordable housing schemes are developing in the country that will enhance the investment rate and the buying power of the individuals. Prime Valley Islamabad, Park View City, and the Seven Wonders City are ultimate examples. Lastly, the phase costs 20% of the total cost of the home construction. 

House Exterior Material Cost

The other cost is the actual construction costs, including a lot of effort and hard work. Moreover, the construction work includes the excavation, foundation, framing, roofing siding, driveway, and landscaping. This work is time-consuming, and 40-50% of the overall construction cost spends on this phase. But, most importantly, the investors find this phase the most difficult and a most lengthy-time period because it is the first step that all investors take to build a home. However, as we know, the developing housing schemes in the country also offer the best living conditions that may help investors find an escape from the phase. 

Home Interior Material Cost

The majority of the overall cost applies to the phase. Moreover, investors are always more interested in interior structure and finishing work. And all must be according to the preferences of the family members. Furthermore, as we know now, the investors have the option of the housing societies where they can choose the affordable one. For example, let’s look at the New Metro City Gujar Khan Payment Plan. The properties are highly affordable and provide the best living facilities to investors and residents. And the expenses included in the material cost are HVAC, plumbing, electrical work, glass and woodwork, insulation, and door and windows. 


The estimate of building a house can vary, so there will be no fixed amount that the investors can tell. It depends upon the various factors. Moreover, the multiple options of housing schemes have made a choice more convenient for all the investors and the developers. Furthermore, the home is not an everyday investment. Therefore, the construction and designing homes cost a lot of time and money. The benefit of building a house from scratch is the preferences of the individuals and families. The developers have also provided the best options to all investors. And the estimates of the home construction mainly depend on the region and the housing society. Lastly, Property Saga has a bundle of information about the topic. Therefore, consider visiting the official site.

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