How does a Belt Conveyor work?

What is a belt conveyor?

Conveyor belt systems are mechanical devices that transport objects, they are common throughout all industrial applications. Conveyors are used in most material handling industries for transporting bulk materials, or packets and parcels. For example, the conveyors shown below are in ecommerce and warehouse environments.

How do they work?

Conveyor belts consist of a continuous loop of belt wrapped around and driven by one or more pulleys (known as drums) and powered by an electric motor. A metal plate bed or rollers normally support the belt from the underside. The pulley that is powered is called the drive pulley, whilst the unpowered is known as an idler pulley.

The frame construction of a standard belt conveyor usually consists of a metal such as powder coated mild steel or stainless steel for example. The belt or conveyor surface belting itself is available in a wide range of materials, such as plastic, leather, rubber, and also coated fabric. Usually the belt is manufactured from several layers of material, the structural or strengthening layer of which is known as a carcass. For example, in fabric coated belts cotton is often used for the carcass, whilst the cover material might be PVC. 

Why Are Belt Conveyors Used?

Conveyor systems remain popular due to their time and labor saving benefits. The manual handling of materials reduces when using a conveyor system. As a result, much more efficient transport of large volumes of goods is achieved, allowing for higher volumes to be processed.

The use of conveyors is also space efficient, as less space and personnel is needed to move the items. As a result transporting products between stations in production and processing lines is simple and efficient with a conveyor. 

Some industries and businesses may require only part-time or occasional use of a belt conveyor. A landscaping company or builder for example may need to hire a belt conveyor to clear their worksite more efficiently.

The belt conveyor system is also very versatile and can transport a wide range of objects, of all shapes and sizes. It is generally less expensive than other conveyor systems. Conveyor belts are also useful in instances where the use of a roller conveyor system for example would be unsuitable due to items being too light, having irregular bottomed surfaces, or also being too small. Consequently, these items may not move, could slip, or even get stuck in the rollers. 

Bulk Bags Australia And Belt conveyor 

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The usage of conveyors is widespread in both industrial and retail settings. A belt conveyor system transports goods and other goods throughout the shop floor, storage facility, or business facility. Additionally, employing conveyors ensures respectable employee time, progressively saving your company a significant quantity of time and money. Choosing the greatest high-grade conveyor systems is the answer if you want your center’s flooring operations to be reliable and seamless.

Modular Belt Conveyors

A modular belt is made up of chains of interlocking plastic pieces which allow for the belt to move around corners and bends. It is useful as it allows for a wide variety of products to be conveyed. Items with sharp edges for example are unlikely to damage the modular belt in comparison to standard fabric based belts.

It also allows for liquid to drip through the conveyor when dealing with wet products or for when the conveyor needs to be cleaned.

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