How do you write an essay?

write an essay

A summary of an article gives readers a deeper and more accurate understanding of the sources used, rather than a paraphrase or direct quote. If you want to summarize the article for your next essay, this is what you need to do.

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Read and see the article

  • Before reading the full version of the article, take a look at it and identify or endorse the main aspects.
  • Write down or write down the article or the reason of the article.
  • Write down the thesis statement or hypothesis. See the additional arguments. Write down or identify the research method used, if there is a corresponding instruction in the article. Indicate the achievements, conclusions or results.

Read the article thoughtfully

  • After you have selected the basic information, read the full version of the article, paying attention to the nuances.
  • Read each section several times to get a full understanding of the article.
  • Ask yourself a question about the article you have read. Think about the meaning of the article in order to understand whether the results/conclusions obtained were complete and meaningful.

Capture the essence of the article in your own words

  • If you read the full version of the article, write down all the main facts or relevant details in your own words. When you write down information in your own words, you reduce the risk of accidental plagiarism.
  • Don’t just rewrite the exact words, changing a few words. Completely rewrite the information without looking at the text of the article.
  • If you find it difficult to express the essence of the article in your own words, focus on using short phrases. Do not write down the end of your proposal.

Summarize each part of the article

After thinking about a particular section, pause for a moment to summarize the main point of the section in one sentence.

If the author of the article does not move quickly to the next chapter, take a long pause to write down the main point of the previous chapter before continuing to read.

Set the reason of the resume

Summary means that your personal notes should be treated differently from the resume you plan to include in your resume.

If you are writing a resume for yourself, include as much detail as possible, so you can get as much information as possible in the future.

If you are writing a resume to include it in your essay, focus on summarizing the information that matches your thesis statement.

Include a bibliography

 In the introduction to the summary, tell the readers the full name of the article and the name of the author.

It is not necessary to mention the date of publication of the journal, book, book or newspaper in which you found the article. However, this information should be mentioned in the “List of Cited Materials” or “Cited Works”.

Remember the date of publication and the sources only if the information is relevant to your work. For example, if an author has written an article on a certain topic, and in the next article, written after a few years, you should know that the other article was written a few years after the first one.

Also in the introduction should include the topic and thesis statement

In the first paragraph of the summary, you should know the full name of the first article and the thesis / hypothesis of the author.

Clearly state the relationship between the article and your essay. For example, if your article is about a disease and your abstract describes the effect of a drug for treating that condition, be sure the reader is aware of the relationship between the disease and the drug.

Provide additional details

  • Review your notes and rewrite the supporting arguments on the following paragraphs.
  • Take note of all the main aspects and additional details that are important for understanding the issue.
  • Write down only the information that is of great importance in understanding the essence of the article.

Write down the summary

 At the beginning of the summary, paraphrase the findings, which were laid out by the author of the original article. Keep in mind that the summary may contain the results, analysis of research or ideas and call for action.

While writing the summary essay, use the author’s notes

 In summary, should include the fact that the material, which you study, is taken from another source.

For example, use the phrases “Smit believes that …,” “Smit knows that …,” and “Smit does not agree with the idea that ….

Unique direct quotation in resume essay

 The summary must be written in your own words. You must only use direct quotation if the information needs to be accurately paraphrased in another way.

It is best not to use direct quotation in your resume essay.

Check your resume essay with this article

 Your resume should be short, succinct, straightforward, and uncluttered.

Your resume should be at least the length of the original article. You can speed up the resume. For further guidance, please refer to the terms of reference.

The resume must contain the main ideas of the article without repeating exact phrases.

The abstract must accurately convey the thoughts and judgments of the original article.

The abstract must not contain your own analysis or opinion of the original article. If you choose to analyze the implications of this article, please do so elsewhere.

Extra tips for your essay

  • Ask yourself the question, “What am I trying to say?” The answer to this question should be in your thesis statement. If not, go back to the beginning of the piece and change the thesis statement.
  • Do not go back to the beginning of your work to change the thesis.  If you want to write an intelligent analytical essay, but do not give clear arguments, you reduce its impact on the reader. * Do not try to use dramatic propositions to make the book seem longer. It is best to write in style and to the point. Each suggestion should have a concrete idea.
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  • Do not use too many quotations in the novel. Remember that you need to be suspicious of the ideas of other readers to support your arguments, but do not need to write off everything, or the teacher will think that you as a result of nothing has come to anything.
  • Quotes, metaphors, and repetition are best used at the beginning and at the end of your work. The introduction and conclusions do not have to be detailed and lengthy. For the analysis should be used paragraphs of the main part.
  • If you are writing a formal or critical analysis, use a unique language. Informal language may make your writing more elegant, but you risk jeopardizing the power of your arguments by employing verbal jargon.
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