How Do You Clean a Luxury Bean Bag Chair?

Luxury Bean Bag Chair

Are you considering buying a luxury bean bag chair? You will need to know how to clean it. Cleaning bean bags only requires a damp sponge and a mild detergent to wipe out any dust or stains. 

Different bean bag materials require various cleaning techniques. You can dab to remove stains for normal fabrics such as faux fur, chenille, or satin. Stronger materials such as authentic leather and faux suede require you to wipe gently with water and soap. 

Here are some ways to clean your luxury bean bag:

General Luxury Bean Bag Cleaning Tips

  • Always Surface Clean: Use a damp cloth to spot clean your bean bag chair. Avoid immersing the bean bag in water. It can affect its shape and overall quality.
  • Do Not Use a Washing Machine: Using a washing machine may cause your bean bag to crease and shrink. Ironing luxury materials such as faux fur can lower their quality.
  • Use Liquid Dish Washing Soap: Choose a mild detergent, like liquid dishwashing soap, to clean your bean bag. Strong detergents are heavy and leave stains on the fabric.
  • Never Use Bleach: Using bleach to clean your luxury bean bag discolors the fabric. For white bean bags, you can use one or two drops of bleach. 
  • Use a Soft Cloth or Toothbrush: A soft cloth or a soft-bristle toothbrush gently removes stains from your bean bag without damaging the fabric. Avoid using abrasive cleaners. They may scratch off the fabric.

Cleaning Techniques for Different Fabrics

Luxury bean bags are crafted using velvet, satin, natural leather, corduroy, cotton, and faux fur. The cleaning technique for your bean bag chair depends on its fabric. Some materials are more durable than others and can endure more intense cleaning. Here are tips to clean different luxury bean bag fabrics:

Corduroy and Cotton Fabrics

Bean bag chairs made of corduroy or cotton are easy to clean since they are strong and durable. Spot clean the bean bag with soapy water and a damp cloth. Use circular and light motion during the cleaning process to eliminate all stains. 

In case of tough stains, scrub your bean bag with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Apply water to your toothbrush and gently scrub until the stain is eliminated. Don’t forget to wipe the moisture using a clean, dry cloth. 

Genuine Leather Luxury Bean Bag Chair

Authentic leather bean bags need cleaning often to prevent dirt buildup. Clean these chairs using wet wipes or a damp cloth to remove dust. Follow with warm, soapy water to remove stains that won’t budge. 

Clean in a circular motion to avoid scratching the leather fabric. Use leather foaming action to deep clean your bean bag in case of dye or ink stains.

Faux Suede Bean Bags

Use a light brushing technique to clean Faux Suede luxury bean bags. You need a metallic suede brush or a suede eraser to do the cleaning. The eraser is made with rubber. It picks up any dirt on the suede without harming the fabric. 

A slightly damp cloth lifts any stubborn stains on your faux suede bean bag. It is difficult to determine if a faux suede bag is spotless when wet. Leave it to dry completely to determine if it needs further cleaning.

Chenille, Faux Fur, Satin, and Velvet

Delicate fabrics such as velvet, satin, faux fur, and chenille require a gentle cleaning approach. Start with a damp cloth and a bit of water. Confirm that the cloth is not soaking wet and gently dab to lift off the dirt. Wait for the fabric to dry to confirm if your bean bag chair is clean.

If the fabric is not completely clean after using water, add a few drops of washing liquid to the water. Use a cloth to blot any stains and leave to dry gently. Avoid any vigorous motions as they could damage or stretch the fabric. 

Get a Luxury Bean Bag Chair Today!

If you are planning to purchase a bean bag chair but are worried about cleaning it, there is a solution. Cleaning bean bag chairs is an easy process with a liquid detergent, soft cloth, and clean water. Get your luxury bean bag chair and enjoy comfort without sacrificing aesthetics.

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