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What will you do if the world comes to an end? Apart from yourself, what do you live for? What do you fight for when the world has turned into a wasteland, where civilization has gone insane, mutant beasts walk the streets, and the world is doing everything it can to kill you? There’s still something to fight for, for a man like Geiger. Check out Geiger #1, which depicts what one irradiated hero is still fighting for after the apocalypse.


The illustration is one area where this comic shines. Geoff Johns‘s work is really stunning. Everything about the design of the characters, the settings, the looks on their faces, and Geiger himself is wonderful. They make a world ravaged by nuclear war appear wonderful. The plot of the comic, on the other hand, is a different story.

For the most part, this comic serves as an introduction to Geiger’s world, particularly the titular hero. It’s mostly Geiger’s genesis narrative, providing you with a peek at the guy both before and after the apocalypse. It begins with a short view of his old life before transitioning to the present day to indicate where he is in life, his state of mind, and conditions after the world has fallen apart.

The comic focuses on presenting a peek at his life just before the end of the world, as well as what he treasured most of all: his family. While it may sound cheesy, the comic capitalizes on the emotional power of Geiger’s acts and the sacrifices he made for his family, which, when combined with the outstanding art, creates some memorable scenes. Geiger is portrayed as a sincere, kind, and careful man who will go to any length to defend his family. It’s swift, yet powerful.

In the present, Geiger is a solitary character whose mysterious abilities have earned him the status of urban legend and folklore among the wastelanders. He’s become more tough, and trespassers in his zone are met with a stern response. But, for the most part, he keeps a solemn and empathetic demeanor. When Geiger’s powers are triggered, his design in the post-apocalyptic Earth is really spectacular, and the art and colors make him a sight to behold.

Last Thoughts

Geiger #1 is the first installment in a new post-apocalyptic world. The plot leans heavily toward a nuclear Earth setting, with hints of mutants, monsters, and a glimpse of the titular nuclear hero, but nothing is seen. There’s more setup and world-building than a story here, but Geoff Johns keeps it well written.

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