Follow 3 Easy Ways to Choose a Snorkeling Mask

For a vacation, what’s the best time in bali right now?

Having a vacation to Bali is possible at any time, but the best time is around April, May, June, and September. Why? Because these months are when you’ll find Bali while it’s shining and sunny which is suitable for playing on the beach. As one of the ecotourism destinations in Bali, beaches are indeed the main destinations when on vacation. Everyone is free to sunbathe, relax, and do water sports such as snorkeling there. Bali does have many interesting snorkeling spots, so it’s no wonder that many tourists like this activity.

Talking about snorkeling, many people prefer to rent a snorkel mask compared to buying their own. The reason is that they will use them sparingly. Even if you look at it from a cleanliness point of view, your own mask is indeed much cleaner than the rental place. In addition, the mask will feel more comfortable and fit if you own it. So even though it’s rarely used, a snorkel mask is an investment for a more relaxing adventure in the sea.

Interested in buying it? Below, there are some things to pay attention to when you want to buy a snorkeling mask, so you don’t choose the wrong one.

Determine the type of mask

There are two types of masks on the market, single-lens and double-lens binoculars. Single lens masks don’t have a partition in the middle, so the range of view tends to be wider. This type of mask is recommended if you want to take pictures in the sea. 

However, this mask has drawbacks for those with visual impairments or nearsightedness because the single-lens cannot fit with corrective lenses that function like glasses. As for binocular lens masks, they are safe for those who need corrective lenses because they can be attached to glasses. Unlike glasses in general, binocular lens masks have a partition model on the nose. You should first apply it to your face to see whether the nose partition frame is comfortable.

Choose the appropriate material

Snorkel masks have two types of materials, glass and plastic. For plastic materials, the weight is much lighter and not easily broken. But the drawback is that this plastic material is less durable and easily scratched on the lens. Meanwhile, in terms of durability, glass or tempered glass material is certainly better than plastic ones. Besides being durable, this mask is difficult to crack and not easily scratched. So you can still enjoy your sea experience comfortably.

Make sure it fits your face

It’s not recommended to buy a snorkel mask online, as you won’t be able to try it on first. When trying it on, wear it without hooking the strap first so you can check the comfort. After that, attach the strap and test whether it fits your face, not too narrow or too loose.

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