5 Mind-Blowing Facts about Perfumes that you Must Know

Everyone loves a fragrance that lasts longer and becomes a style statement. A perfume not only eliminates your body odour but also uplifts one’s mood. So, how can one compromise on selecting a perfect scent? Definitely, one cannot. But, before choosing a perfect fragrance, do you know some of the perfume facts that will help in making the right selection? Do you know how to use perfume? If not, then no need to bother yourself much, we have brought some amazing facts about perfume that will surely amaze you!

Surprising facts about perfume that you should know

Perfume can last longer if you apply a few drops of cream to your pulse points before applying the perfume

Did you know that apart from moisturizing the skin, a body lotion can also help to hold the fragrance better? It allows the scent to stay on your skin longer than expected. So, the next time you’re applying a perfume, make sure you have moisturized your skin well. This little trick can help to make your scent last longer.

Perfumes smell differently on different skin

Now that you know how to put perfume correctly, another important thing that you must be aware of is that one fragrance can smell differently on two different people. It happens because everyone has different skin pH that decides how the perfume will smell on different skin in comparison to the scented card. 

Sniffing multiple perfumes at a time overwhelms your senses

During the quest of finding the right scent, we smell numerous perfumes at a time. But, this is a big no-no! If you are testing perfume, go slow and never smell more than 2-3 fragrances at a go. Smelling too many perfumes with no intervals makes it difficult for the brain to differentiate between a variety of smells.

There are three main types of perfumes

We can find endless fragrances in the market, but do you know just like primary colours there are only three main types of perfumes? Yes, eau de toilette, eau de parfum, and pure perfume are the three forms of perfumes. The lightest type of perfume is called eau de toilette, pure perfume is the most potent one. And, eau de parfum comes in between these two types of scents. 

In comparison to men, women have a more developed sense of smell

Women are the ones who have a better sense of smell in comparison to males. You might not believe it, but it is true. It is because of the orbital prefrontal region of our brain. In females, this region is more developed than in males and that’s the reason why women have a better sense of scents.

Along with the above-mentioned perfume tips and tricks, here is one additional instant tip that can let your perfume stay longer. You can put on perfume just after a shower and you will see it will last longer than before. This happens because when the skin is damp, the moisture helps in retaining more.

And, if you are looking for a brand that you can prefer while making a purchase, then you can go for brands like Avon. They have a huge variety of fragrance options for different occasions and personalities. Hope these facts will help you in making the right decision while choosing a fascinating fragrance! Happy shopping!

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