Estimated Pipe Relining Cost In Sydney: How Much Does Pipe Relining Cost?

Estimated Pipe Relining Cost In Sydney

“How much does pipe relining cost?” is one of the first questions consumers have. As a general guideline, estimated pipe relining cost in Sydney such as at the Relining Company Australia expect to pay between $400 and $1000 per meter. However, on this page, we’ll go over everything you need to know about the factors that influence pricing and give you a ‘Price Estimate Calculator’ so you can estimate the cost of relining your stormwater or sewage pipe. 

What Affects The Cost Of Pipe Relining In Sydney? 

The truth is that no business can offer you a 100% accurate drain relining cost without visiting your home and evaluating your drain using a CCTV drain inspection camera; they can only give you an estimate. 

Length Of Pipe 

Specialists can compute the pipe relining cost per meter, which is a useful feature of our profession. Specialists can quote you a meterage pricing after you understand the size of the pipe and the number of meters to be relined. Pipe relining price is the same as anything else: the more you purchase, the less you pay. Obviously, the price per meter will change if we are relining 5 meters vs. 50 meters. 


Stormwater and sewer relining can be done in three ways. Invert, patch, and drag into place. Here’s a breakdown of the procedures and how they affect sewer relining costs: 

  1. Inversion:- If you never want to experience a blocked drain again, this is by far the best solution. When more than three consecutive meters of drain relining are required, this procedure is often performed. An Inversion Drum is used to inject the liner and resin into the drain; this is a high-quality, pricey piece of equipment that ensures the greatest possible end result. Because the glue is on the exterior, it adheres to your existing pipe, sealing all fractures and seams and preventing tree roots from re-entering the pipe. 
  1. Patch Relining:- When only one or a few sites need to be repaired and the remainder of the pipeline is in good operating order, or when the property owner simply wants to fix the worst damaged regions, sectional patch pipe relining is the ideal option. The cost of pipe relining is calculated per patch, not per meter. The glue is also applied to the exterior of the pipe, where it adheres to the existing pipe. 
  1. Drag in:- This is a viable alternative if the job cannot be completed with an inversion drum (which is extremely rare) or if the reline must begin farther down the line where there is no access. It does, however, come with hazards and decreased life expectancies in general. The biggest problem is that the glue is on the inside of the liner, which means it won’t fully attach to the existing pipe and cover all of the previous gaps and seams through which tree roots can obtain access. It contains a layer of plastic against the old pipe, which allows tree roots to grow in between the two pipes, causing difficulties down the road if the wrong liner or installation technique is utilized (very common). Another downside is that two entry sites are required, which may need more excavation, increasing the sewer lining expense. 

Conclusion:- Many businesses avoid dangerous relines; nevertheless, specialists thrive on them! If there are several dangers, a risk factor must be added to the estimate, which will raise the trenchless sewer line repair cost. Companies use this in the event that work is delayed and takes longer than intended.

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