Does Your Health Insurance Remain Valid If You Move Abroad

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Rohit had been very focussed on making his next career move as a VFX artist. With around 8 years of work experience, he got a major breakthrough when he got an offer from one of the world’s best VFX studios to London. When he sat down to list out the things that he had to do before he moved, he remembered that he had a health insurance policy which he had renewed just a few months ago. Being unsure of what he needed to do, he turned to his friend Ajit for advice. 

Ajit worked for a leading health insurer in India and he advised Rohit to go ahead and cancel his policy and then purchase one that would give him coverage abroad.

If you or someone you know is moving abroad and is faced with the same question, here’s what you need to know. 

Health insurance plans have geographical limitations

Most health insurance policies provide domestic coverage only. So if you wish to travel abroad on a vacation or for business, you will need to purchase a travel insurance plan separately. However, if you decide to permanently move abroad then you will need to look for a suitable health insurance plan to keep you covered in the country that you will be staying in. 

Can moving abroad make your health insurance plan void?

Unless you have a health insurance plan that gives you global coverage, your policy will not be in use if you travel or move abroad. You will definitely need to purchase a policy with worldwide coverage if you have plans to move abroad in the near future and you must check the list of coverages offered when you are in India vis-à-vis when you are abroad. 

What should you do to your health insurance policy if you move abroad?

Once you have decided on moving abroad, it would be best to cancel your health insurance a few days before you actually fly out of the country. At the same time, be sure to zero in on the plan you need to purchase once you’ve moved. Plans that offer you global coverage would be a good product to explore. 

To sum up, 

if you are looking for a health insurance plan with worldwide cover, remember to read about the scope and coverage related to geographical boundaries before you plan to purchase the policy. Consider the clauses and decide if you want to continue with the buying plan. You can explore more insurance plans on our Bajaj Finserv app. We make sure to provide you a quick and hassle-free buying experience on our app. 

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