Customised Outlook Training Courses for New Team Members


Organisations can offer a comprehensive approach to learning and training that gives all employees access to the resources they need for the highest degree of expertise in any subject.

In order to create a team what resonates with your workforce, robust training site, online training, virtual training events, promotion, and tracking insights and feedback to improve your team experience over time.

The industry standard for business and personal email communication is Microsoft Outlook. Outlook update includes new capabilities that streamline the sharing, communication, and organisation of information.

These new features boost productivity and teamwork. Are your employees prepared to benefit fully? Read on to know why proper training and learning environment is important.  How it can keep team members and employees up to speed on the critical knowledge and abilities needed for success in the workplace.

The Need for Outlook Training Services

To save time, money, and resources, why utilise and pay for a tool that you are not getting the most out of? Everyone aspires for a more structured and orderly daily life. Microsoft Outlook training services UK will show you how to set up effective notification settings.

And disable pointless notifications), logically organise emails into different folders, save critical information to your desktop, and use shortcuts to navigate the app even more efficiently. These are merely a few advantages.

During training, the knowledgeable trainers will impart insights and techniques not found in the instruction manual.

Boost Staff Engagement

Although it’s important for business outcomes, employee engagement is still a moving target for the majority of firms. Businesses with high employee engagement earn 25% more money than those with low engagement.

Since only 35% of European workers claim to be involved in their work, there is definitely space for improvement.

Employee training options present a perfect tool for raising both engagement and profit since employees who believe they have room to learn and grow at their companies are 3.5 times more likely to be involved.

Boost Team Performance

The majority of employees work in teams, yet these teams are rarely successful. Teams need complementary skill sets to function cohesively and effectively if they are to succeed.

Finding skill gaps in teams (such as a lack of writing or technical skills) can affect each member’s productivity.

Employee trust can be increased and the amount of time lost to misunderstandings and conflict can be decreased by team training in communication techniques, conflict resolution, and diversity and equity.

Benefits of Advanced Outlook Training Courses

Even if your staff has used Outlook for a long time, formal training can improve their proficiency with the capabilities of the application so they can use them to their fullest potential.

  • Make appointments and plan meetings with several people.
  • Sort email messages into helpful categories such as subject, sender, and others.
  • Generating, controlling, and distributing work requests.
  • Modify the view options to get more output.
  • Control lists of contacts and groups.
  • Establish rules to direct inbox messages to particular folders.
  • Use categories to make task prioritisation easier.

A range of daily tasks can be completed more quickly and easily with advanced Outlook training. Your staff will be more productive with less time and effort if they know when and how to use these capabilities.

Here are general course outlines by Outlook training services UK include:

House Keeping

  • Use Find to seek for objects in Outlook
  • Establish email folders to save your messages in
  • Use the Rules Wizard to create rules to automate repetitive e-mail tasks
  • Auto Signature, which lets you add a business-related signature to your emails.
  • Use Organise to create basic rules to move and colour messages
  • Out of Office Assistant, which lets Outlook handle your mailbox while you’re gone


  • Copying personal contacts to the public contact folders
  • Working with personal and public contacts
  • Classifying your contacts using categories
  • Adding, locating, and removing contacts
  • Forwarding contacts to e-mail recipients


Large teams, especially those with members who work remotely, may find it difficult to schedule meetings and appointments. The dynamic Outlook calendar is one of the many tools available with Office 365.

To schedule for weeks or months in advance, utilise this method. Teams can exchange calendar entries and even whole calendars.

Everyone on the team will be aware of one another’s schedules and can add events directly to their Outlook calendar view so that they appear in the shared view.

  • Editing calendar items
  • Scheduling appointments, events, and meetings
  • Deleting and moving calendar items
  • Attending meetings and reviewing invitations
  • Classifying your calendar items with categories
  • Recurring appointments
  • Calendar views and printing calendar information


  • Opening other users’ tasks
  • Adding, viewing, opening, printing, and deleting tasks
  • Assigning tasks to other users
  • Creating tasks from email messages
  • Creating tasks from scanned posts on the network
  • Opening your own Tasks for other users

Are you prepared to facilitate improved teamwork among your employees? In just one session, Nova ITs Outlook training services UK course will improve participants’ understanding and proficiency with the program’s features.

This instructor-led program gives each participant access to useful knowledge, practical learning experiences, and professional feedback. For more information on available courses, please visit their website or give them a call right away.

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