Outdoor Rugs Ideas to Elevate Your Patio or Porch

Custom Outdoor rugs for sitting area

There are many ways to layer rugs to add visual interest to an outdoor area. For maximum impact, choose a neutral base rug and add patterned or brightly coloured rugs on top of it. The contrasting colours will pop against the neutral base. These are some easy outdoor rug ideas to elevate your patio or porch. To add some personality to your outdoor space, layer rugs with different sizes and materials.

The layering of outdoor rugs on top of one another

Adding two or more rugs on top of one another is a wonderful way to create visual interest and add dimension to your patio or porch. Choose a neutral base rug and layer patterned or colourful rugs on top. Make sure to anchor the ends of the rugs to avoid bunching. When layering rugs, make sure they are about two thirds the size of the base rug.

For the front door, layer custom outdoor rugs over a 3’x5′ outdoor rug. Layering rugs on top of one another adds a farmhouse feel to your porch. Make sure the two outdoor rugs have enough contrast to not blend. If they’re the same colour, use complementary colours. A white and black striped rug is a great choice for a front porch.

Bright colours and patterns

Adding a colourful outdoor rug to a covered porch or patio can make a space more inviting. Bright colors and patterns can also make a single chair stand out against the rug. Moreover, many rugs can be reversible, which means they can be used indoors or outdoors. If you want to change the look of your patio or porch regularly, you can opt for bright patterns or colours.

While picking an outdoor rug, make sure to choose one that has a strong, durable design that will stand up to outdoor conditions. Bright colours are good for areas with high levels of sun exposure, while neutral or pale hues will be a better fit for a shady nook. Also, make sure to choose the right material composition and pattern for the area you want to cover. Sizeable rugs unify large spaces, while smaller mats help segment a large setting into cosy seating areas. In addition, you can purchase rugs with built-in LED lights that activate at sunset.

Textural contrasts of outdoor rugs

Consider using a patterned outdoor rug to set a colour or pattern theme. An Atlanta-area designer used a white and pumpkin orange rug on a covered porch and then matched orange pillows and curtains. A subtler, yet equally effective way to add texture is to paint your deck or patio in rugs-like patterns. A Dallas-area homeowner created faux rugs with paint and a stencil.

Try a neutral outdoor rug to set a relaxing and peaceful tone, and use colourful accents to add interest. Bohemian patterns can be found in Peruvian-inspired patterns and can be added in a variety of different sizes to fit any outdoor space. They can be changed whenever you want to add a new colour theme, and they work with most styles of furniture and paint colours.

Sisal vs. Sil-Style Weave

If you’re looking to update the look of your patio or porch, the choice between sisal and silk-style weave rugs is a big one. These rugs are both made of natural fibres, but sisal tends to be thicker and chunkier than jute. Because of that, they aren’t as durable as sisal, but they still bring a touch of understated elegance to many rooms. And they are ideal counterbalances for more formal antiques and furnishings.

While sisal is the most durable natural fibre for outdoor rugs, jute is softer and harder to clean than sisal. Unlike sisal, jute rugs are best for low-traffic areas. Designers, like Serena & Lily, recommend a jute rug with an inner border. To completely see the working of custom outdoor rugs see https://youtu.be/rIu7cQLpwMQ

Durability of outdoor rugs

While natural fibres like sisal and jute are attractive and environmentally friendly, they are not the softest under your feet. The texture of these fibres also makes them more susceptible to mildew and slipping on wet surfaces. While natural fibres are generally durable, they do require more regular upkeep than synthetic materials. Therefore, they are best for patio or porch areas with lower foot traffic.

A few outdoor rug ideas for patio or porch are durable and long-lasting. For example, the Ember Indoor-Outdoor Rug is durable, made of 100% polypropylene, a durable material that resists stains. Its durability is also unmatched by other types of rugs, allowing it to stand up to high traffic and mess. This durable material can be cleaned with an upholstery attachment or hose.


Rugs can bring life to your deck or porch, especially if you pick a design that matches the rest of your home. Whether it is a small porch or a large patio, outdoor rugs can give your outdoor space a unique look. Rugs can be purchased in many different price ranges, from under $200 for a small rug to several hundred dollars for an oversized one.

When choosing an outdoor rug for your deck or patio, make sure to choose Mbc2030 one that fits the seating and table arrangement. Also, make sure to leave a space six inches or so around the furniture for easy movement and safety. Rugs can also be an excellent way to add a pop of colour. A few simple ideas will help you find the perfect outdoor rug for your porch or patio. You can also add pillows, lamps, or accessories to bring the design to life.

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