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candle boxes

Candles come in all sorts of colors, sizes, and shapes. They have been around for centuries, and although their role has reduced as primary light sources, they have assumed other positions in our lives. Imagine a birthday party without candles, or who can deny the romantic ambiance a candle-lit dinner creates? Candles’ packaging plays a crucial role in their sale and enhancing their overall appeal. This article will determine how custom candle boxes can help your candle business thrive.

Material choices for custom candle boxes:

There are plenty of options available for a candle manufacturer to produce their boxes. Some of the popular ones are as follows;

Kraft paper:

It is an eco-friendly option that will win favor with those users who are environmentally conscious. Plus, it is durable and highly moldable. You can also print graphics, logos, and anything else on it with ease. Kraft paper is famous for custom candle boxes with small-scale candle manufacturers.


It is a trendy choice of packing for custom candle boxes. It is strong and can withstand pressure and shocks giving candles ample protection. It is made by compressing two sheets at high pressure. It gives it added strength and durability. It is also highly customizable and can be made in any size.

Corrugated material:

It is an extension of cardboard material, but it is more vital than it. The reason is its wavy structure which gives it more power to hold weighty objects. Usually, a rippled sheet is sandwiched between two plain sheets to produce the corrugated sheet. If you are into exporting candles, this material will serve you well for making custom candle boxes. You can rest assured; your consignment of candles will remain safe in them.

These were some of the popular material choices for producing custom candle boxes. Fast Custom Boxes is a reliable manufacturer of candle boxes, and you can get all these materials and many more from them to complement the appeal of your candles.

Packing styles for custom candle boxes:

Candles are a perfect gift item. It makes the need for their attractive packaging all the more critical. Candle buyers are discerning individuals who want aesthetics coupled with functionality in packaging. Usually, window cut-outs style is preferred for custom candle boxes as they show part of candles to attract buyers.

Color choices for custom candle boxes:

Like we mentioned above, candle buyers appreciate fancy packing. They want to buy a premium-looking product, and for that, the packing needs to be top-notch. Packing is the first impression they have of the product itself, and that is why it needs to be impressive. There should be colorful, attractive, and vibrant packing for custom candle boxes.
As a candle manufacturer, you can use colors effectively to convey different themes, moods, and emotions. For example, red is the color of passion and love. Red-colored custom candle boxes would catch the attention of love birds, especially during Valentine season. Yellow exudes energy, youthfulness, and positivity. Likewise, blue symbolizes freedom, imagination, inspiration, intuition, trust, depth, etc. You can get your custom candle boxes produced in different colors and market them accordingly to maximize your sales.

Beautification of custom candle boxes:

There are several options for adorning your custom candle boxes. These are printing styles that any custom box manufacturer would use to boost the packaging image. Some of the popular methods are as follows;

· Embossed or debossed logo printing
· Matte, soft-touch, glossy laminations
· Spot UV coating
· Foil stamping
· Custom Inserts
· Die cut boxes and window cut-outs

There can be other choices as well. It is all up to the candle manufacturer how well he wants to present his product to the end-user. Fast Custom Boxes has the facility of offering different design options to its customers. Its designers would sit down with you and assist you in making the perfect custom candle boxes to showcase your product.

Advantages of custom candle boxes:

There are several benefits of going for custom candle boxes. Some of the most obvious ones are as follows;

candle boxes

It offers unparalleled security and safety:

A box protects the product, that’s a no-brainer, but a custom box is made for just that particular product. It encapsulates the product like no other. The product’s safety is the number one concern for any candlemaker because the product is fragile and susceptible to weather changes. Therefore, it is more critical to be adequately packed for maximum safety than candles.

There are endless customization options:

You can design the custom in any way you like. Whether the choice of material, the shape, structure, or graphic design on the package, you can do everything to suit the product and attract customers. Therefore, it is in the fitness of things to go for such boxes instead of boring plain boxes.
Custom candle boxes are your marketing adverts:

Not many people realize this, but packing boxes are ideal for advertising your products. You can print your brand, logo, company’s name, product description, and other important information on the packages. A customer can know many things by picking a box and having a look at it. It is the first contact of a potential customer with your product. So, everything needs to be spot on.

Packaging connects with the customer like nothing else:

More than the product, it is the packing box that the customer first encounters when buying a product. He is invariably looking for that same box among the products on display at the store on repeat buying. It is the power of custom printed boxes wholesale. Upon seeing the required package, he goes for it without looking at other options.


We hope the importance of custom candle boxes is amply clear to you now. You can deny their importance at your peril now. It is as important as the product itself, if not more than it. Always opt for beautiful, customized packing boxes to increase their value.

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