10+ Creative Ideas To Make Your Candle Packaging at Home

Candle Packaging Ideas

The candle is a product that one can make itself at home! Then why should one waste money on the boxes? When you can make your own candle packaging as well. This can be a good idea to save money on certain occasions, like the holidays. Here are ten creative ideas to make your candle packaging at home!

Create a box for your loved ones using photos:

Collect old photos of loved ones and layer them on wax paper with cello or mod podge making sure that one photo is in the center with the sides touching and held together with a rubber band. Once you have all your photos ready, cut around it. Take a long piece of wax paper and roll the photos up, securing with a rubber band. Place it in your candle jar and light it up!

Loves traveling? Make a map box:

If you are a traveler or if you know someone that is, gather maps from different cities or states of the places they have been to. Once you have scaped them together, cut around one of the maps making sure you keep it intact and then roll the map up tightly with wax paper. Secure with a rubber band and place it on top of melted hot wax. Place your flowers or other objects on top to decorate!

Why waste gift wrap when you can utilize it?

If you know someone that loves eating, gift wrap can be used for all your friends and family! If you are wondering how to wrap a candle, start at the large end and fold it small. Once you have rolled it small enough, begin wrapping the wax paper around the wick. Using pretty ribbon or string can make this easy!

Add stickers to your candle packaging ideas to make it more appealing:

If you are trying to save on paper and time, stickers are a great way to do so. Get out your printer and print off lots of stickers of your favorite things, like characters from The Little Mermaid or your family! You can stick them on the bottom of your candle jars or on top of another piece of paper, and secure them with a rubber band.

Try something new, paint your boxes be an artist

If you are trying to save on paper, then painting is another great way to do so. Get out your paint, paintbrush, and kraft paper, and get busy! If you are hand painting in the round, then place a piece of duct tape at the top of the jar to protect your handiwork from dripping wax. Once you have completed that, you can have fun with it!

Take advantage of the newspaper’s wrapping power:

What better way to wrap a candle than an old newspaper? Get out your scissors and cut out all the different sections that make up a newspaper section. Put it together in a circle and roll it uptight. Secure with a rubber band and place your candle inside.

If you are trying to get rid of some old books, making your own boxes from them is a great idea! Get out the old books that you have read and loved many times before. Start by cutting the wax paper into strips about 2 inches wide, make about five per book cover, then crisscross them on the bottom of the candle jar making sure there are no gaps in between the wax paper and the top. Once you have finished that, place your candles inside and light them up!

Have a favorite cereal? Show it off!

Did you know that one can make candle jars out of old cereal boxes? If you have any old cereal boxes and would like to get rid of them, then this is a great idea! All you need is some hot glue, wax paper, and twine. Start by folding the top flap down and hot gluing it down. Wrap the wax paper around the wick and secure it with rubber bands. Tie some twine at the top to finish it off, making sure it’s tight enough so that once the candle jar has melted, there is no chance of spillage.

Have a photograph or a painting of a dear friend? Display it in a candle holder:

All you need is some ironing, scissors, and glue. Once you have all these, cut out a photo of someone to use as a candle container. Once the photo is cut out and removed from the paper, place it onto wax paper, one side touching the wax paper and the other sitting on top. To secure on top of that, hold it together with some duct tape. After that, use an iron to flatten the wax paper. Place it inside the candle jar and light it up!

Why not make your candle shipping boxes at home?

Here’s an excellent idea to save time and money when you’re trying to get things done! All you need is some cardboard to cut out a rectangle shape. Once done with that, get out your old wrapping paper or newspaper and crinkle it up to make creases in them. Then lay them on top of each other inside of the cardboard box. Place your candles in between and then wrap with a pretty ribbon.

In the end, it all comes down to this:

Who cares how the candle packaging ideas looks as long as they are happy with it? Make sure you notify your loved ones that you made the candle boxes out of something else and why. Be sure to tell them how much you appreciate their creativity! Show your love by creating your own packaging to make your loved ones happier. These are the 10 creative ideas that our team has come up with. Feel free to add in any other creative ideas you have had for making candle boxes at home! We would love to hear about it.

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