Can Uninsured Drivers Sue For Damages After A Florida Car Accident?

Did you know that Florida has one of the highest percentages of uninsured drivers in the US? According to the Insurance Information Institute, Florida ranks 6th in the US for its percentage of uninsured drivers. III has found that an alarming 20.4% of motorists in the Sunshine State do not carry insurance coverage.

It means that your chances of being involved in an accident with an uninsured driver in the state are unnervingly high. When you are an uninsured motorist involved in a car accident, you must be wondering what avenues you can explore to seek reparations and what consequences you might face as an uninsured motorist in Florida.

Let’s assume that you do not have auto insurance in Florida because you cannot afford to keep up with the payments. Ideally, you should work towards securing adequate insurance that aligns with Florida’s no-fault law. But you should know what your options could be if you are involved in a car accident without insurance.

You might be wondering whether you could qualify to file a lawsuit in such situations as an uninsured driver. Today’s post will discuss everything you should know regarding such cases to help you make more informed decisions when working with Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyers to deal with the situation.

Florida’s Insurance Requirements

Before you understand whether you can sue someone as an uninsured driver involved in a car accident, you should know the requirements for all motorists in the Sunshine State regarding insurance. Florida is a no-fault state in which both parties are considered responsible in an accident. Each party must first seek financial help from their own insurance provider before considering the possibility of filing a lawsuit. This system minimizes the number of civil lawsuits in Floridan courts and makes the process simpler for everyone involved.

Florida requires all motorists to carry at least $10,000 in personal injury protection and property damage liability. Personal injury protection coverage helps in paying medical expenses you might incur due to the injuries suffered in an accident. The property damage liability helps you pay for damages to the other party’s car if you were more at fault for causing the car crash.

Neither of the two mandatory insurance policies covers your vehicle damage. You should consider adding collision coverage to your insurance policy so you can get financial assistance to pay for your auto repairs after an accident. While Florida requires all motorists to carry no-fault insurance, over a fifth of all motorists still drive uninsured.

Consequences For Uninsured Drivers In Accidents

You will likely face repercussions for not carrying the required insurance coverage that aligns with Florida’s no-fault rules. You might face penalties for not carrying adequate insurance if you are involved in an accident that results in injury. However, you might not have to face such penalties if the accident does not result in any injuries.

If you are an uninsured driver in an auto accident, first-time offenders will have their license and tags suspended along with a $150 fine. You will need to work towards securing the right insurance coverage to have the suspension on your license and tag removed. To make matters worse, you may need to pay for the damages to compensate the other motorist involved in the accident out of pocket. Considering the amount of bills you might have to contend with covering your own damages, it could financially ruin you being an uninsured motorist in an accident.

Can Uninsured Motorists File A Claim To Seek Compensation?

Right off the bat, you should know that filing any kind of lawsuit as an uninsured motorist in an auto accident is challenging. However, it does not mean it is entirely fruitless. If you are in such a situation, you can have an experienced Fort Lauderdale attorney review the details surrounding your case. They might be able to identify some kind of legal recourse that allows you to build a strong case to seek compensation for damages. If you are unsure about the situation, you should contact a car accident lawyer for help.

The right attorney will review all the details and evidence in your case to help you determine whether it would even be viable for you to file a claim. If the lawyer finds that it could be suitable for you to file a claim, you may need to collect sufficient evidence that document the injuries you suffered. You will also need to gather substantial evidence that clearly highlights the other motorist involved in the accident as being the at-fault party for causing the car crash.

Remember that the other driver can also file a claim against you to cover their medical expenses and other damages, especially if they are insured. Uninsured motorists can still file third-party claims against other drivers. Since Florida is a no-fault state, you can file a personal injury case.

Filing a personal injury case against someone is possible in such situations because an injury did occur due to the negligence of another individual. You will need to prove that the other party was the one at fault and build a very strong case that proves your claim.

Speak To Qualified Attorneys

Consulting with experienced Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyers would be the best possible thing to do after being involved in a car accident as an uninsured motorist in Florida. You should make sure that if you are ever in such a situation, you have to comply with law enforcement without any question to make the process smooth. Do not flee the scene because that can reduce your penalties.

Call the authorities to report the crash and then seek the help of qualified car accident lawyers to discuss your situation and your options could be. Being the uninsured motorist in an accident is a tricky legal situation and experienced attorneys like the ones at lawyers might be able to help you identify the best possible way forward.

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