C CELL Disposable Cartridges: 5 Easy Steps to Open

Disposable Cartridges

Vaporizers have become standard for marijuana use. They are convenient and can provide marijuana dosing via inhalation without cannabis. In recent years, the introduction of CCell technology has changed the dynamic of the vape industry.

The ceramic cartridges replaced the traditional cotton wick and revolutionized the market. They provide a unique vaping experience with uniform heat because of the ceramic material. These CCell disposable cartridges are experiencing a new light in the market today. They solve many problems associated with the current models, such as leaking or overheating. You can find different remarkable designs in sleek and beautiful packaging.

A common question regarding CCell cartridges comprises how to open them. Despite their quality and efficiency, opening the cartridge is technical. Here are five easy steps to open a CCell disposable cartridge.

What’s a CCell disposable cartridge?

Let’s start by understanding CCell disposable cartridges. The C cell cartridges come with a coil-embedded heating part and a series of nano-holes. The cartridge offers even heat distribution with the help of ceramic material, making it perfect for smoking high-quality and viscous oils.

The CCell technology means you can find refillable and disposable CCell cartridges providing a high-pressure level with dense concentrations. A disposable cartridge filters and pressures out the air through your vape juice. This is important because it helps vaporize inside the battery without leaking or spilling the oil.

There are several reasons you’ll want to open a disposable cartridge. It allows you to replace the oil for an in-house test and a better user experience. In most cases, removing leftover oil and refilling the cartridge gives you a better vaping experience. The CCell cartridge is safe to open and refill the oil.

You only need to know how to use the syringe kit with fluid when replacing the vaping oil. The syringe kit often comes with an oil recovery kit. Use the syringe to avoid affecting the device since the fluid’s viscosity makes it difficult to pour out. It makes it easier to suck up the liquid. With the syringe, you’ll be more precise without fiddling around.

How to open a CCell disposable cartridge

Learning how to open a CCell disposable cartridge allows you to replace the oil and keep the device safe and fresh. The process of opening a CCell disposable cartridge is more or less the same as opening a regular cartridge. You only need the right tools to help you open with precision and accuracy. Since it can be time-consuming, having the right tools makes it easier and helps avoid breakages.

  1. When opening a CCell cartridge, the first step is to remove the cartridge mouthpiece by using scissors or pliers. While sometimes you can remove it by simply unscrewing it, using either scissors or pliers helps you get in between the minor groove when opening. They can make the process easy compared to using your bare hands. Hence, ensure you invest in quality equipment to pry the lid off.
  2. After you’ve removed the lid, the second step is to quickly hold the mouthpiece and adjust the clamps for a snug fit. Make sure you keep the mouthpiece tightly using pliers. When unscrewing the mouthpiece of the cartridge, rotate hit anticlockwise to open,
  3. Third, try to remove the pliers on your mouthpiece by moving it up and down until you hear a snap. You can repeatedly move it up and down or use a slight crease where the mouthpiece clamps on the device until there is a snap sound.
  4. You can now easily set the mouthpiece apart and make it ready to get the oil. You can unscrew it, twist it off, or rotate anticlockwise to open it.
  5. The popping sound means the CCell disposable cartridge has opened up. You can now empty the cartridge and replace the vape liquid. Instead of pouring it out, get a syringe and use it to suck up the oil and transfer it out.

You should have a syringe kit that comes with an oil recovery kit. It gets the job done while protecting the oil and the cartridge. Regardless of removing the mouthpiece, you will still need to use the syringe to pull the oil out before transferring it to a new cartridge or another container.

In most cases, the viscosity of that fluid is difficult to pour out and can affect the vape device. Even with a clear opening, you may struggle to pour out the vape oil. Hence, get a syringe for precision and smoothness and avoid spilling the fluid. In most cases, you’ll find instructions with the needles to help you remove the oil.

Sometimes using a hairdryer set to low and aimed at the cartridge can help remove the oil. However, you can still create a mess even using a hairdryer. The correct tool allows you to open the CCell disposable cartridge without breaking it.

Bottom line

CCell offers high-quality cartridges that can last up to five times longer than other brands. It’s a reliable option if you want to maintain your smoking sessions. Opening a CCell disposable cartridge can be time-consuming and requires some skills. You should only remove oil from a disposable cartridge if you are sure about the safety of the oil.

We’ve discussed opening a CCell disposable cartridge to replace oil and keep the device safe and fresh.

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