The Secrets to Building an Effective On-page SEO Strategy in 2024

On-page SEO Strategy

On-page SEO plays a key role in any site’s ranking on search engines. So, it’s time to build an effective On-page SEO strategy for 2024. Look at the secrets of creating an effective On-page SEO strategy below. 

10 effective On-page SEO strategies that you should follow: 

  • Create SEO Optimized Titles
  • Create short SEO Friendly URLs
  • Keep keywords and SEO formatting in mind
  • Provide internal links on pages for Better Engagement
  • Keep a check on the site’s mobile-friendliness
  • Secure your website by using HTTPS Version
  • Write compelling meta descriptions 
  • Don’t stuff keywords excessively
  • Improve site’s loading speed
  • Add social media icons to ease sharing

Let’s know more about these tips so that you can implement them in your business. 

Create SEO Optimized Titles

You will never be able to drive more organic traffic to your websites if you do not focus on optimizing your titles for both search engines and humans.

If you only have time to work on one aspect of on-site SEO, this is the most important issue to focus on. When writing your page titles, make sure to include targeted keywords near the beginning. Your title should be no more than 65 to 70 characters long. 

You should produce a title copy that is attractive enough for people to click on since this will help you gain a better CTR in search engine result pages.

Use the target term near the beginning of the title and compose it with CTR in mind.

Create short SEO Friendly URLs

People should be able to tell what kind of material they’ll get from your website by glancing at the URLs.

As a result, your URLs should incorporate your chosen keywords. Always put the target keywords near the beginning of the URL and make it as short as possible so that people can remember them.

Special characters should be avoided in URLs. Put target keywords in the URL and keep the URL short. 

Keep keywords and SEO formatting in mind

First and foremost, make sure that all of your website pages have a single h1 element (header tag). You may double-check this by looking at the source code of any page on your website.

Make sure there is just one H1 tag and that the target term is included.

Aside from utilizing the major keyword once in the h1 tag, it’s also a good idea to include it and its associated keywords in the h2 and h3 tags.

If the primary keyword I’m targeting for this post is On-Page SEO, I’ll try to include it once in each of the h1, h2, and h3 tags. Aside from that, I’ll try to incorporate other related keywords in heading tags, such as SEO, off-page SEO, content optimization, on-page optimization, search engine optimization, and so on.

Provide internal links on pages for Better Engagement

Internal linking entails including links to related posts and pages within the content you’re working on. Internal linking will assist you to provide more focused traffic to the connected sites, as well as encourage people to stay longer on your site by allowing them to browse the relevant related pages.

In this manner, you’ll be able to provide the connected pages with some much-needed SEO juice and domain authority. This will improve the ranking of the linked pages in Google and other search engines. Improve your search rankings and user engagement by linking to relevant pages.

Keep a check on the site’s mobile-friendliness

Google has already started penalizing websites that aren’t mobile-friendly or don’t have responsive designs. The Google Page Speed tool may be used to verify the mobile-friendliness of your website’s home page or any internal page. Make sure that all of your website pages are mobile-friendly.

Secure your website by using HTTPS Version

If you spend any time looking through the top Google results for any query, you’ll notice that there are a lot of HTTPS websites.

Websites that are secure are given a ranking boost by Google on the HTTPS version.

If you haven’t already, switch your website from HTTP to HTTPS as soon as possible.

The majority of well-known hosts provide free SSL configuration to their customers.

As a result, upgrading to the secured version should not be too difficult for you.

Ensure that your website is completely secure, with all pages using the HTTPS protocol.

Write compelling meta descriptions 

Your meta description language has no direct influence on your website’s search engine rankings. However, Google used to display meta description data as part of your website’s listing in search results most of the time. So, even if your website is listed behind your competitors on search engine result pages, writing a solid meta description copy could help you receive more clicks.

Don’t stuff keywords excessively 

Keyword density refers to the frequency with which the intended keywords appear in the content of your website. The keyword density is calculated by dividing the total number of times a keyword appears in the content of your web page by the total number of words in that content. To determine your keyword density percentage, multiply the value by 100.

Never go overboard, and make sure you’re employing relevant keywords (LSI keywords) rather than the same ones over and over again.

Improve site’s loading speed

Google has begun to take website speed seriously, and it is now one of the most essential ranking factors. You might expect a higher Google ranking if you improve the speed of your website. For improved Google rankings and user experience, make sure all of your website pages load in under 2 seconds.

Add social media icons to ease sharing

Make it simple for users to share your material on social media sites that are relevant to them. Important and niche-related social network icons should be placed prominently in your blog posts so that the majority of your visitors will see and share them. By the time you finish perusing the contents of your interest, they will still be with you.


Having known the best tips for creating an On-page SEO strategy will not be enough. You have to implement it rightly for which you can hire someone. Various companies offer On-page SEO services among which you can choose the best for your business. Do whatever suits you and your business. 

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