There has been a classic increase in housing societies as people prefer to live in housing societies due to its perks. Blue World City is located on Main Chakri road, near M2, the highway connecting Lahore and Islamabad. One of the key characteristics of the Blue World City is keeping its residents connected with both the major cities of Pakistan, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi.

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Master plan of Blue World City

Blue world city provides its residents with state-of-the-art facilities while also having praise-worthy infrastructure. It also includes many tourist sites with replicas of the Burj Al Arab and other global icons. Furthermore, the Blue world city consists of an Overseas Block, which acts as the perfect opportunity for Pakistanis living abroad to get their own home in Pakistan at a reasonable price. Its facilities are made following the expectations of people living abroad and are getting attention from many foreign investors.

Access points 

 The blue world city has four unique accesses making it stand out from other housing societies in that area. It is closest to the new Rawalpindi Ring Road near the new Islamabad International airport. Moreover, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is nearby, making it easier for people working there to travel there. Owing to its prime location, it has been famous among investors and can increase in value. 

You may think that with it being such an ideal place to live, the prices may be skyrocketing, but that is not the case. The plots and houses in blue world city can be afforded by a person on a nominal income and are not only aimed at the rich. Many installment plans are available for anyone in need. Due to its affordable rates, its demand has continuously increased among investors and residents.

Owners of Blue World City

The blue world city is a project owned by Saad Nazir, the owner of Blue Group of Companies. The company started operating in 1989, with services in construction and architecture. The company has emerged as a remarkable one making its name in the real estate world with its professional and organized behavior and expertise. It has over 300 well-trained workers and has established itself as a one-stop solution for operations in many areas. The blue group of companies does not compromise on the quality and ensures that they have signed a contract with an engineering company in China, Shah Jian Engineering Company. This company will be responsible for the development of the blue world city.

If you don’t take our word for it, you can visit their old projects to get an idea of their work. They are the masterminds behind projects like the PIA cooperative society and Blue Sapphire, among many others. These projects are living proof that the Blue Group of companies do not compromise when it comes to quality.


In today’s time, there are numerous frauds and scams taking place. Hence it is important to verify if the project is legal or not; otherwise, you may find yourself in trouble and might even end up losing all your money. The Rawalpindi Development Authority has granted Blue World City permission. They have been approved legally, so investing in this society holds no threat.

This housing society provides a variety of plots at different prices to meet everyone’s needs. With its multiple benefits and prime location, it has become extremely popular. Investing in this city has turned out to be a good act for many people.

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