Athena vs Acumen – Which One is Better for Your Business?


This cloud-based system for medical and software Acumen EHR software was developed to work with nephrology centers of any size. The digital health records have been utilized since it was granted an ONC license in the year 2015. It allows for the instant exchange of patient information review, clinical information, as well as HIPAA-compliant records within the healthcare team. Patients are able to more easily manage appointments and medical data such as laboratory results, allergies prescriptions important symptoms and signs and much more due to the portal for patients feature.

The aim of this system is to make the running of the daily tasks of a medical practice easier. It allows both nephrologists and patients to be able to communicate effectively. Nephrology specialists are also able to collaborate with dialysis machines, hospital laboratories, dialysis machines, and exercise management systems that can benefit from additional functions. This isn’t the most straightforward combination.

Cloud-based medical records technology known as athenaClinicals from athenaHealth records patient visits and allows doctors to record their visits more quickly and more precisely and position your practice to grow in the near future. Small practices as well as major health providers can benefit from athenaClinicals. For nurses, doctors, as well as patients Athena EHR improves information access. Records are safer as access is restricted by using biometric scanners and passwords.

Services are now being offered to replace paper chart records using electronic files which are submitted through an EMR platform since EMR use has increased recently. One of the most very popular EHR software that offers practitioners numerous benefits is the Athena EHR program. The Athena EHR system is also integrated into Athena EHR Healthcare Billing to aid you in maximizing the effectiveness of your clinic.

Top Acumen EHR Features

Acumen Integrated RCM

The RCM team at Acumen EHR has a thorough knowledge of billing for nephrology and collections. They also know the essential elements to ensure that practices are compensated fairly and in full to provide the service they offer. Acumen EHR’s cutting-edge analytics provide practices unprecedented visibility into their revenue, allowing practitioners to see not only the amount they are currently earning every month but also the amount they should be earning. Through the use of analytics to determine the root causes of problems, we help practitioners in reducing denials of claims in order to get them addressed in the beginning rather than having to resolve them later.

Acumen Epic Connect

For offices that specialize in nephrology, Acumen EHR Physician Solutions is providing the most current healthcare IT tools. With more than 20 years of experience in nephrology of Acumen, Epic Connect combines the power of Epic’s world-class Practice Management and EHR software, with extensive interoperability, as well as a robust user interface for patients, MyChart.

The best kidney-specific EHR on the market is one the Acumen EHR has enjoyed offering with great pleasure. Through the addition of capabilities to CKD management and kidney health in the community for patients as well as value-based health initiatives dialysis, dialysis, as well as hospital rounding, the power of Epic has been boosted for renal disease. Acumen EHR Epic Connect is specially made to allow your practice to run more efficiently than ever before and is ready to tackle the new challenges that arise from value-based care. It’s the sole platform your practice needs to succeed in the coming years.

Customizable Dashboard

A dashboard function in Acumen EHR is definitely its most appealing feature. It’s designed to provide an easy-to-use personal interface to discover what people are drawn to. The exchange of distinctive capabilities is safe thanks to this simple feature. Making use of the program’s software to navigate was a breeze which is a great way to maximize the effectiveness of your workout. The dashboard feature of this platform is so easy to use that it doesn’t have a learning curve at all for it, an aspect that the users appreciate.

Athena Medical Software Features

Intuitive Interface

Athena EHR reviews claim that its user-friendly and stylish UI is its most adored feature. The dashboard is where users can quickly access important data like calendar appointments, analytic data, and balances that are not paid. So, using the dashboard without having to click repeatedly is much easier.

The software also provides helpful tips to ensure that patients get the most benefit from the system of healthcare. In addition, you can modify the dashboard to fit your preferences and the user’s preferences. This can result in drop-down menus, text shortcuts, and drop-downs which you can incorporate into the system for making information more easily accessible.


But, the majority of interoperability does not provide open data exchange to facilitate clinical use. Yet, Athena EHR software is not identical to other standard solutions. It allows seamless integration with the clinical processes of the patient it collects the information using any trustworthy source. This means that patients are more flexible about which medical care and it’s much easier than doctors’ informed decisions regarding treatment.

The sharing of patient records finds your patients’ medical records on their own and integrates them in your workflow. It is possible to maintain focus on your patients while obtaining the data you require at the time you require it. With the help of skilled back-office specialists and automated systems help, you can get your administrative tasks done more efficiently and quickly.

Documentation Management

The top EMR software has scanning documents as a crucial feature that allows you to build custom workflows for specific needs based on the needs that your facility. Utilizing a document-scanning function in your EMR software, for example, you can provide important documentation supporting the billing department, either externally or internally. clerks who will send the completed application to you to the payer. This eliminates the necessity of taking, copying, or faxing documents, and also the possibility of misplaced documentation or late invoices. Athena EMR reviews also state that the software facilitates the recording of data of patients.

Acumen EHR vs Athena EHR – Reviews

People rate Acumen’s EHR software as a good choice. Many people love it because it is able to follow their workflows. Many reviews of Acumen EHR illustrate how easy it is to set up. However, it is noted that there are good reviews of Athena EHR. Its Athena EMR reviews suggest that it’s a trustworthy instrument with reporting capabilities, which can also improve the practitioner’s effectiveness in their clinical practice.

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