Bongs existed and were used fervently centuries ago, but they did not look like the ones people use today. The variants, folks, buy now were introduced sometime in the 1970s and have been a hit right since they became available to the public.

Moreover, with the introduction of essential accessories like ash catchers bongs have become a lot more convenient to use, even for amateur smokers. Invariably, an increasing number of people are buying these spectacular tools that can considerably enhance their smoking experience.

Beginners or amateur bong users who may not know much about these accessories will find the ensuing information about them helpful. It can assist you in deciding whether or not to make the purchase and change your smoking routine.

About ash catchers

An ash catcher is a handy adapter that functions as a filter for your smoking device. It is typically smaller than a bong and is attached to it for every smoke session.

Here’s how it works: The cannabis smoke first passes through the apparatus, which then clears it of ash particles, tar, and other debris before sending it into the bong. This way, it ensures that smokers inhale little to no impurities directly into the lungs.

Several catchers are equipped with percolators for extra diffusion, enhancing the smoking spells by making the taste better.

Why do you need one?

While it is not an absolute compulsion to buy a catcher, it can undeniably enhance the overall smoking experience. Furthermore, since the device can effectively reduce the amount of tar and impurities, it is recommended that people who use cannabis for their medical benefits invest in a good quality ash catcher.

Besides ensuring that users do not take any debris into the lungs, these devices can also help keep the smoking device cleaner for a long time. Invariably, it prevents avid smokers from having to clean their bongs too often as most of the debris is collected in the ash catcher, leaving the water pipe considerably cleaner.

So, if you have less time to spare cleaning your smoking devices and wish to enjoy cleaner, tastier smoke, it is prudent to invest in a high-quality catcher. You can choose the most suitable one from a sea of colors, sizes, designs, and other exciting options.

Keeping the apparatus clean

Cleaning the filters (or catchers) is a lot simpler and quicker than cleaning the bongs themselves. First, you must detach the appliance from the smoking device and pour in some cleaning solution made of isopropyl alcohol and salt. Leave the solution in it for a reasonable amount of time (a couple of hours), after which you should shake the device vigorously before emptying it.

Rinse it thoroughly with lukewarm water to ensure every trace of the cleaning liquid is washed off. If the apparatus is especially dirty, you can leave the solution in it for a more extended period before rinsing. Once the cleaning is complete, you can reattach the ash catcher to your bong or oil rig and enjoy your regular smoking sessions.

Buying from a legitimate dealer

The most convenient thing about shopping for bongs and other smoking accessories in the modern world is that it can be done online within a matter of minutes. With suitable ash catchers, bongs can take on a whole new life and function a lot more effectively than without these devices. That’s why it is pivotal to buy an exemplary quality apparatus from a reliable vendor.

So, look for a reputable online retailer who sells a wide range of ash catchers and other smoking essentials at incredibly reasonable prices. Several stores offer discounts, free shipping, and easy return or exchange options, making the buying experience hassle-free and fun.

Ideally, you should find a dealer who openly displays contact details, client testimonials, license and registration, and other critical information on their website. It will enable you to gauge their authenticity and make decisions likewise.

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