Advantages of gynecomastia treatment

Typically, we live in an age where wealth is considered a priority even over health. Nowadays, in the daily hassles of life, we forget to take care of ourselves by eating right and working out which can lead to obesity and other illness. One of these diseases is Gynecomastia, which is a condition that makes breast tissue swell in males. It can happen when the balance of two hormones in your body is thrown off. However, breasts don’t evolve in males the way they do in females, all boys are born with a small amount of breast tissue. It can be caused due to age and symptoms being visible enough to diagnose. But the good news this is totally treatable through gynecomastia treatment. Now, this is available in India therefore, those males who suffer from this disease can go for gynecomastia treatment.


The surgeon will administer anesthesia to the patient, to provide comfort during the surgery. Liposuction can be used to eliminate the extra obesity from the breast if only fat requires to be removed. In this process, small incisions are made where medical instruments called cannulas are inserted and over-fat is removed through a suction pump. 

There is another method known as the excision technique and this is used when the areola will be reduced, or the nipple requires to be repositioned to offer a better contour to the body.

Sometimes a mixture of both is used as well.

Here are mentioned some advantages of gynecomastia surgery that are undermentioned:

  1. Alleviates back pain –This is the biggest reason people suffering get this surgery. Due to having overweight breasts, many patients get shoulder and back pain by carrying that extra weight all day. This also interferes with day-to-day tasks and work life as well. So, if you are also suffering from this pain then gynecomastia surgery is a boon for you. Only with this surgery, you can get relieve from this problem. 
  2. Helps in fashion – When males have gynecomastia, they can only wear a certain type of clothes that accommodate their extra breasts tissues and hide them while making them snug. Making so many circumstances meet really shortens the fashion choices for the people, and by having gynecomastia treatment, people can really widen their fashion choice, and boost their confidence, and uplift their personality
  3. Boosts confidence –Most males or boys with this disease feel shy and uncomfortable in big crowds and feel ashamed of their body and having this surgery helps in personality boosting and helps in raising confidence. It’s been seen that most patients after the surgery feel amazing and good by themselves and gain good habits that help change their lives.


To conclude, gynecomastia treatment is majorly for males or boys who feel uncomfortable and are troubled with their extra breast fatty tissues. If you are also suffering from this disease and are considering having surgery, then click here to book an appointment with experienced surgeons and know about the procedure.

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