9 Tips to Prepare For Blood Test

Do you need to undergo blood test? Don’t feel anxious as it is not a big deal. Proper preparation can end up the entire thing in good note. Do you want to know how? Then continue reading this blog to make blood test easier than ever.

What should you expect?

Before you set out for the clinic then take some time for breathing deep and relaxing. Don’t think too much about the procedure just before your appointment. If there is any confusion regarding lab test requirement then it is better to ask and confirm from the healthcare provider or doctor.

The nurse will collect the right blood amount only. You must visit the clinic where the doctor orders you to perform the test. This will miss nothing from the test. Nowadays, you can see the doctor and perform the test at the same private medical clinic.

Here are 9 tips to make correct preparation for the blood test:

  1. Fasting

For glucose and cholesterol test, you have to fast for long 8 hours prior to withdraw the blood sample. Therefore you should not eat and drink anything excluding water. Anything solid and other beverages can flicker the level of cholesterol, triglyceride and glucose. Follow the instructions strictly or reschedule the testing appointment again in some time.

  1. Drink water

Often doctor recommends the patients to drink lots of water prior the blood work. It keeps you hydrated promoting the blood volume. As a result, the veins become plump and nurse or phlebotomist can easily collect the specimen of blood. Having any caffeinated drinks and coffee is not a good idea at all and cause dehydration. It interferes with the electrolyte level in blood skewing the report too.

  1. Have good meal

If you don’t need fasting then eat well! Having good meal beforehand of the test will prevent you from lightheadedness. To assure your health after blood test in London, do the following:

  • Refrain from the consumption of alcohol
  • Have lots of protein
  • Don’t consume rich or fatty foods

Avoid the meal just before the appointment as it can make you nauseous on withdrawing the blood.

  1. Inform about blood thinner

The patients taking blood-thinning medication like warfarin or heparin must share this information with the nurse or phlebotomist prior the test. They will take necessary steps to stop bleeding before your departure from the clinic.

  1. Fainting

If you feel like fainting every time during blood work then share the experience with the phlebotomist or the nurse. They will ask you to lie down and carry out the blood test. By this way the probability of your fainting and falling off is possible to prevent.

  1. Ask for small needle

Are you afraid of getting big needle into the skin? Request the phlebotomist or the nurse to use the butterfly thin needle.

  1. Relax

Anxious patients should take deep breath for relaxing themselves before the test. In fact, you request the nurse to chat with you regarding the procedure. Anything uncertainty causes stresses. As calm you will be as easy the process and as fast you can come back to your home.

  1. Look elsewhere

In case blood withdrawal procedure makes you feel queasy then try to focus on something else. You can read a magazine or scroll the phone. In fact, you can share any interesting topic with the phlebotomist at the same time. Professionals understand that the process seems difficult for many patients. Only distraction can make you easy.

  1. Reward yourself a snack

After blood test, it is pivotal to balance the blood glucose level. You can relish on

  • Fruit
  • Nuts
  • Granola bars

If you are visiting the clinic for the test then carry the snack along for enjoy it as early as possible after you are done.

Don’t worry much about that bandage. If possible you can pull it off within an hour. In case bleeding persists then exert slight pressure with bandage to stop it. Bruising is normal and it will go away within a couple of days.  

Walk in to the clinic

While you need undergoing private blood test in London you can find any private clinic with walk-in facility. By this way you can perform the test earlier without waiting for long. Look for such a clinic near your locality today.

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